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glaceon.social enforces all three of Obama's Midnight Amendments:

  1. Be cool.
  2. C'moooooon.
  3. Nicccce.

I'm very pleased to report that, so far, I haven't had to define any formal rules other than that. You've all been very well behaved! If I have to, I will, but for now I feel that I can trust you lot.

It is worth noting that we federate with awoo.space, an instance that only federates with whitelisted domains. In return, we agree to follow their Community Guidelines when interacting with their users. There's nothing there that I don't already expect from you, but it's worth a read.

All of our pokemon sprite emojis (other than a few obviously altered ones) were graciously provided by @Siphonay@donphan.social!

glaceon.social has implemented all the recommended suspensions on this list except for niu.moe (who I've only had good experiences with so far, but I am keeping my eyes open). Other suspended instances are listed here.

  • raki.social, for farming user data with bots
  • bugs.social, for having rules specifically allowing loli/shota content
  • newjack.city, for at least four data harvesting bots
  • freespeechextremist.com, read the url and take a guess