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Hi! I'm Sami, though calling me Yucky is fine, too! I'm an autistic, aspiring cartoonist, though I'm currently dealing with (and treating) depression, so art is scarce at the moment.

You can find more about me (and my interests) below!

yo steven


I'd do that "one like = one character I am a little crazy about" thing going around but I'd just be posting my sweetie squares individually

You people have literally no idea how terrified I was of the digging robot. I had a Gumby DVD as a kid and I would panic and hide under a blanket and pillows whenever it was onscreen. It still fills me with dread, and MST3K's dub only helped a little.

Claude Frollo at the Christmas party, about to start lecturing everyone about sin:

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Poor Quasimodo's just like "haha yeah dad how about you go take a nap :)"

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This is mega false advertising but Frollo would be the old relative at the family party who keeps prattling about religious stuff and making everyone uncomfortable and causing multiple futile attempts to be made at shutting him up with snacks or changes of topic

Why am I so sleepy today I hate it I have stuff I want/need to do

today on "things my friends in Discord servers put up with"

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when tummies make small sounds after eating and it's like shut up I just fed you

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