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Hi! I'm Sami, though calling me Yucky is fine, too! I'm an autistic, aspiring cartoonist, though I'm currently dealing with (and treating) depression, so art is scarce at the moment.

You can find more about me (and my interests) below!

Me, bonking myself comically over the head with a cartoon sledgehammer: FALL! ASLEEP! YOU! HAVE! AN! APPOINTMENT! IN! THE! MORNING!

I know I got my phone in like, 2019 or whatever but it really sucks how fast the battery drains now.

I hate how the instant a meme goes out of style people like, immediately look down on the people who still use it/find it funny

you've heard of Resident Evil, now get ready for:

President Weevil

mom sent me a photo of a cane toad in our neighbor's yard and I'm absolutely losing it over how she circled it like a youtube clickbait thumbnail

At the very least, have "18+" or "adult" there if you don't want yo specify

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Pic from last night. Obviously, it's not very good since it's just the light of a flashlight. I had wanted to get a pic of her when morning came, but that can't happen now. :(

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There was a BEAUTIFUL tropical orb weaver in our gardenia bush last night and she had this super ornate web and eggs

This morning, there are iguanas storming the bush and eating its leaves (as usual) and she and her web are gone... :(

Psst... Hey, c'mere... [opens one side of coat to reveal rows of beeping Tamagotchis] Wanna buy a 'Gotch?

The movie 2012 is on and I forgot how much I hate it I am going to turn it off

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