re: job-hunting meta question (Twitspace crosspost) 

@woozle Oh, yeah.
I've read some interesting studies on this subject, even if it's frustrating to experience in person. About how a certain sort of casually privileged person will just apply to things even if they match 1/4 of the job description, and they might get the job because they're the only person who applies.

re: job-hunting meta question (Twitspace crosspost) 

@woozle The short answer is you should bother applying.
The longer answer is that no one expects people to exactly match the ad, and it's actually a subtly gendered way to screen for people with the confidence to apply even when they don't precisely match the ad.

@vicorva I'm glad the kickstarter went so well, but I hope you find some recording work in future, since I know you like it.

@vicorva Can I ask what happened with your recording work? Is it just the economy right now?

@InspectorCaracal I hope you had a nice 4th of July weekend and are doing well otherwise.

@vicorva @Rowyn I tend to wonder if I'm just missing this social instinct entirely, because I've talked to @Anke about this too. I just don't care about most people, and I find it 100% a good use of my time not to care about them at all.

@vicorva @Rowyn Feel secure ignoring them! They shouldn't be judging other people's employment choices anyway, rude. As if that's the most important thing about a person, and not if they're kind or create good things in the world or *waves hands*
Oil executive is a real job.

@vicorva @Rowyn To be honest, I don't think they respect it as a 'real job' even after you earn a living at it.
I don't know if that's better or worse.

@Anke @vicorva I want Anke to sell art because Anke's art is pretty.

@vicorva Side note, do you know anything about European art sale sites? I don't know if the sites I am familiar with are popular over there.

This is your scheduled reminder that you don't have to keep up with the news constantly, and it is probably better for your mental health if you don't.

I need to do meal planning today. 'Just eat raw vegetables' is, while an option, probably not the best thing I can come up with.

Good morning. I am getting back to work after a long weekend, which is a thing.

Now, for a change, I will play a gardening game and kill weeds.

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I gardened for long enough I'm out of breath and my shoulder hurts, but I killed a lot of weeds. Die weeds die.

@katrani It's scarily happy between the heat and all the rain. Too many weeds. o_o

@katrani Long weekend! Ribs, strawberry shortcake, gardening. You?

Good morning! How're you, folks? I'm still feeling a little scattered on here because a lot of my folk don't have alts from the Planet which is still down.

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