@InspectorCaracal I hope you had a nice 4th of July weekend and are doing well otherwise.

This is your scheduled reminder that you don't have to keep up with the news constantly, and it is probably better for your mental health if you don't.

I need to do meal planning today. 'Just eat raw vegetables' is, while an option, probably not the best thing I can come up with.

Good morning. I am getting back to work after a long weekend, which is a thing.

Now, for a change, I will play a gardening game and kill weeds.

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I gardened for long enough I'm out of breath and my shoulder hurts, but I killed a lot of weeds. Die weeds die.

Good morning! How're you, folks? I'm still feeling a little scattered on here because a lot of my folk don't have alts from the Planet which is still down.

Morning, folks. I am over here again. How's it going?

Just watched Psycho for the first time. That was EXTREMELY spooky and I am happy I watched it on a pleasant spring evening and it's still light out.

Logically speaking Cal is probably just busy, but the dead silence Planet-wards is pretty weird.

Doot doot summer job doot doot.
I do like accounting and sorting things into piles and being tidy.

Today I am going to help my mom with her accounting and play in the garden.

Hello Glaceon, my home site crashed and I live here now. <3


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