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forgot to say it but hi I've been in Berlin since roughly about late yesterday afternoon lol

also I'm still awake lmao

random thought: TFW can't verify my bio link ... link ... cuz I can't do the rel me attribute thing . oh well , at least my bio link page itself is verified lmao

ok update: there is indeed a pull request (apparently also called pq in short lol today I learned) for material you theming support. it's being worked on ! which is really cool . i just hope it happens sooner than later cuz the app looks kinda out of place on my phone, even if oxygen os itself doesn't support material you (fuck you OnePlus and Oppo) but the apps that do support it still do, along with the widgets that also support it ! so ! yeah haha I just wanna see Tusky in Alphys colour - and also the ui needed a refresh anyway. here's hoping :blobpray:

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oh wait about the no notification thing, their q&a on GitHub is out of date. there's a notification menu so I think notifications work now. or maybe the no notification thing is an F-droid only thing ? no idea LMAO

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I wonder if there's any mastodon client that supports material you... 🤔

also I just found out that Tusky doesn't use notifications ? lmao wtf

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does anybody know of a good mobile client for Mastodon so that I don't have to deal with the web app ? help will be appreciated

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