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learning that the trust duty healers are actually not very good at their job like "ah, so that's why pulling anything more than the bare minimum feels like running headlong into traffic"

guy who thinks 'post punk' means having a black leather forum signature

somewhere out there is a decaying early-90s stock audio CD with the next great "oof" noise on it, and nobody even knows what it is yet

staring at the processor inside my computer case and murmuring "oh man... this doing numbers"

I've become hopelessly obsessed with geoguessr and I've decided that what the game really needs is little point-and-click adventure NPCs overlaid by the side of the road, who you can interrogate for oblique clues about your location

Garry's Mod is so cool. I wish I had ragdoll physics.

pitch: the scripted assassination puzzles and disguises of a Hitman game, but you're a ghost enacting elaborate revenge plots on people who wronged you in life

you can't do much as a spirit, but you can possess people in order to interact with the world and orchestrate murders

I dunno, maybe this is just hyper-specific to the way I work?

maybe I just need to make my own Trenchbroom fork

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something I'd like to see in a level editor is a hide/show 'stack'. Instead of incrementally hiding more and more geo and then being forced to undo it all with a single keystroke, you would also be able to undo only the most recent hide action

the thing you have to understand about my worst posts is that they are not even close to my Worst Posts

some areas I've hammered out for Skin Deep lately

we're packing more stuff into tighter spaces and I dig the direction a lot

having a real "hope I can do justice to these textures" moment

the lesson to take away from Quake is that grenades should sound like a saucepan being dropped on the kitchen floor at 3am

*explaining to cis people* dysphoria is when you look in the mirror and see yourself, but suddenly you're surrounded by flames, and there's a red filter over everything, and then an imp ambushes you,

Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures has many problems but I admit I like the concept of a point-and-click where you're allowed to just pelt the main character with rocks any time you want

Quake doesn't let you do slippery ramps like Half-Life, but fortunately I'm not afraid of god's retribution

honestly I sympathise with mappers complaining about Quake's limited enemy roster but every time I play anything that uses Arcane Dimensions I'm just like "what the hell is that? what is the point of that? why is there a poison version of that guy?"

(I say 'quick' but it still took me like two months, christ >__>)

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