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I'm pretty burned out on like every kind of survival game, but I do appreciate how Project Zomboid just has such a dizzying level of granularity that the voice chat just slowly starts to sound like housemates dealing with weekend chores

ejected from the Quake community for repeatedly saying "oh yeah DarkRadiant does [Trenchbroom feature here] better"

my new year's resolution is to hear an element of hesitation creeping into a cis person's voice as they call me 'sir'

you can get over your emet-selch crush by reminding yourself that he would almost certainly, if circumstances afforded him the opportunity, have a youtube rant persona

Urianger: So this is truly all we couldst scrounge up... Are you quite sure it was laid by a chicken? It seemeth too small by half.

Thancred: I thought you'd recognise it. I got a handful from the fae folk

Thancred: it's an Ilm Egg

people are critical of Residue Processing now but you have to understand the cultural context that there was nothing cooler at the time than conveyor belts and getting squished by a giant piston

Visual Studio: *can't compare against string literals in breakpoints*

necessity, the mother of invention, sighing in resignation:

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why would you ever put jumpscares in a video game when elevators with doors on both sides so you never know if the one in front or behind you will open is way scarier anyway

nothing but respect for the id software programmer who commented out this block of movement code and noted "proper way (avoids strafe jump maxspeed bug), but feels bad"

me: I'll pick up Quake and practice pure encounter design

me five minutes later: okay so Ranger escapes from his cage in the purgatorial prison at the end of all things, and clambers atop this mountain of haphazardly stacked granite cells, each one housing an immortal sinner who

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i may not know where bigfoot is, but he doesn't know where I am either. so the playing field is even

google docs stop autocorrecting 'frobbing' to 'throbbing' challenge

today's philosophical problem: how soon after dropping an empty magazine does it cease to belong to you

I need to start taking on more reasonably-scoped projects :')

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when kayaking, you can paddle on the left side or the right side, but not both at once. that's how the oar works. it's an exclusive oar.

Even beelining between arcs of the same narrative, there's travel, busywork, combat. It's not jarring for them to pivot from tragedy to comedy on a dime.

You could criticise the same features for 'shattering the mood'. But sustaining the same mood all the time is tiring. I appreciate the chance to step back.

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You emerge from a bleak, harrowing cutscene, and it's like coming up for air from the bottom of a pool. You're back in the overworld with the other players. You have autonomy. You can go do sidequests. There's someone called 'Tall Yoda' here. It's an emotional soft-reset of sorts.

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Not for the first time I find myself thinking a lot about all the little breaks and breathers—intentional or not—that insert themselves into FFXIV's storytelling, and wondering whether they help it tackle a wider tonal range without exhaustion, or whiplash

level design is about leaving pranks for the player, programming is about leaving pranks for yourself

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