as a level designer, your primary job is to create environmental hazards that are cool enough to make people play dangerously close to them just for the buzz

@kat Modern Australians notably have a strong natural immunity to hypnosis due to the ill-advised introduction of the hypnotoad into the country in 1935. The toads were released by scientists to control the native grey-backed hypno beetle, but it quickly became a pest and hypnotized their way across much of the continent.

emet-selch I'm sorry I swear the stripper poles in the basement weren't my idea

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one of the music tracks in my FC's house is a dance remix of the Amaurot theme, and I'm not gonna tell them to remove it but it feels weird to make a bop from the theme of a grief-stricken immortal wallowing in a hollow half-remembered facsimile of a time he can never return to

I appreciate how this game starts off making you do something that you feel sorta-bad about, then very quickly devolves into a feud between obscenely rich dickheads, ensuring you feel absolutely no qualms about creating as much collateral damage as possible

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Teardown might have the best 'making an ass of yourself trying to move a heavy thing on your own' tech in the industry

Half-Life fans love to pick out a generic NPC who is visible for 0.2 seconds from a train window, give them an elaborate back story, and build an eight-map campaign detailing how they secretly helped Gordon save the day before escaping Black Mesa in a stolen ice-cream truck

*uses vis control methods to specifically restrict how much of the room the player can see at once*

hmmm why's this room feel so cramped?

hmm. playing tunnel ball with a tail actually might be kind of difficult

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what the limsa aetheryte really needs is an exasperated youth worker trying ineffectively to cajole all the loitering catgirls into playing tunnel ball and tug-of-war and stuff

bug report: sabotaging the electrical system causes the room to be shrouded in an impenetrable red mist

my new rule for all FPSes is that if you put the protagonist in power armour then you must include some risk of them bumping their head on doorframes

whether this damages the protagonist or the doorframe is up to you

imagine a poor sprout walking into Sastasha and wondering why the tank won't give them a chance to sneak up on the baddies

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I picked up Rogue in FFXIV over the weekend and it's fascinating how it feels like the only class that *wasn't* designed first and foremost for duties.

quake mapping is a constant tug-of-war between my urge to have large moving brushes everywhere and my urge to scream whenever I see a lightmap slightly out of place

@kat oh yeah, I just mean the pose and camera positioning

@kat okay I'm pretty impressed with that ninja's one though

assembled a suitably edgy DRK glamour for my not-at-all-edgy WoL

now I just need to not wipe the whole party while wearing this 🙃

getting over my tinnitus by reminding myself that it is simply the sound of every star in the night sky screaming at me all at once for my crimes against creation

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