awkward problem with my Quake map where it's actually more convenient to have *more* complicated wall geo, because it's easier to have brushes sliding aside when they're not flush with everything else

@embr the whole concept of planning out a metropolis from scratch, for its own sake, is kind of one of my biggest annoyances about city-builders

I really want more 'organic' cities that are formed out of growing towns, or built around a specific resource or industry

@kat I didn't know enough about nu-metal to give a sincerely thought-out answer :(

@kat mike dawson says 'bullshit' at the cop and plays nu-metal on his phone speaker as he walks out of the station

people say that doors are the hardest problem in game dev but this is the current setup our windows need and frankly I'm starting to miss doors

the two types of game are minimalist and maximalist. scientists have managed to create other types, but they are only stable under laboratory conditions approaching absolute zero

reasonably confident that you could teach stencil buffer theory with raid mechanics

john carmack probably, circa 1995: well the door lip keyvalue doesn't really make sense for non-axis-aligned doors and buttons, but I don't think we need that

me, twenty years later: *quietly seething, taking this as a personal insult, etc*

more 👏 jarring 👏 texture 👏 changes 👏 at 👏 waist 👏 height

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something I've learned from making maps for a lot of wildly visually different games is that there is no such thing as a wall that cannot be quickly improved by the regional equivalent of a wainscot

just don't comment on my 5 o'clock shadow with your fingers in my mouth

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google maps letting arbitrary businesses mark themselves as 'lgbtq+ friendly' has set my imagination racing as I try to wonder how exactly a dentist is going to go out of their way to make me feel at home

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[long pull on cigarette] yeah. yeah I've seen things you wouldn't believe. saw a tiny little bug driving a tiny little car. things of that nature

really getting into saying 'heuristic' to mean 'I coded this wrong, but maybe it'll be faster than the right way'

the Final Fantasy XIV clown gear has been available for mere hours and I have already seen enough deeply cursed glamours to last a lifetime

a grizzled private-eye questioning their gender, call that a hardboiled egg

*thinking of the stalwart GeForce 4 owners out there depending on me* 😌​

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id Tech 4 has so many little 'temporary' low-level hacks to work around bugs/quirks in the graphics card drivers of 2004 and I cannot imagine working up the courage to touch any of them

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