people say that doors are the hardest problem in game dev but this is the current setup our windows need and frankly I'm starting to miss doors

becoming the kind of person who raids specifically for glamours, god help me

Visual Studio: *can't compare against string literals in breakpoints*

necessity, the mother of invention, sighing in resignation:

small Skin Deep detail that I am unreasonably psyched to get working: shell casings floating in zero-G and falling to the ground all at once when we re-pressurize

nothing but respect for Azure Sheep including this detail

doom, sprite gore 

choose wisely

(JPCP MAP11, by Nanka Kurashiki)

"why are our guards still walking off ledges?"

*drills down to suspect bit of code*

"note: ledges are not detected"

wanna come over and play playstation after school? y-yeah, we have one now... I mean... it's basically the same thing

cartoon blood 

doing terrible things to our physics engine today

ffxiv, stormblood postgame 

(is going just fine)

my favourite debugging effect: toggling r_locksurfaces with a skybox in view

nothing but respect for the designer working on The Lochs who said "what if we dedicated like a quarter of the map to an overly circuitous aether current route, as a prank?"

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