emet-selch I'm sorry I swear the stripper poles in the basement weren't my idea

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assembled a suitably edgy DRK glamour for my not-at-all-edgy WoL

now I just need to not wipe the whole party while wearing this 🙃

the thing you have to understand about my worst posts is that they are not even close to my Worst Posts

some areas I've hammered out for Skin Deep lately

we're packing more stuff into tighter spaces and I dig the direction a lot

having a real "hope I can do justice to these textures" moment

Quake doesn't let you do slippery ramps like Half-Life, but fortunately I'm not afraid of god's retribution

First Quake map!

This is 'The Stars We Lost To Grief'. It's a quick little 1024 map with a loose wizard/runic theme. I found that the 1024-unit constraint was a pretty good way to force myself to focus on dense encounter design.

You can get it at binarypartitioned.space/Downlo

*sees a texture with a crucifix motif* pff, dull, uninspired.

*sets Y scale to -1* hmm, actually,

people say that doors are the hardest problem in game dev but this is the current setup our windows need and frankly I'm starting to miss doors

becoming the kind of person who raids specifically for glamours, god help me

Visual Studio: *can't compare against string literals in breakpoints*

necessity, the mother of invention, sighing in resignation:

small Skin Deep detail that I am unreasonably psyched to get working: shell casings floating in zero-G and falling to the ground all at once when we re-pressurize

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