they really should've built coyote time for clicking on stuff into the HTML spec

I am once again asking for the next DarkRadiant release to add a red flashing outline and "INTERRUPTED!" text to the autosave bar

officially, yes, we're an 'accounting company', but I like to think of us as more of a

absolutely worth the indeterminate amount of time spent standing in a deserted corner of Limsa, reading through an avalanche of cross-referential tooltips

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god, FFXIV is so good at thematically appropriate class toolkits

I picked up Dancer last night and right out of the gate it's such a fulfilling combination of like... prescribed rhythms that you're constantly weaving improvisational steps into

this week in Skin Deep: uhhhh you probably shouldn't be here

NAVARRE: Don't tell me you're going to wear sungla... Agent Denton, what *are* those? Why do they have pom-poms?

J.C: My vision is mogmented

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"oh but the flow..."

no, you don't need flow. you need anti-flow. you need a room that absolutely nobody wanders into unless they are well and truly sick of the sound of the gluon gun

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steadily maintaining the belief that all deathmatch maps should have a quiet room

there'll be Unforeseen Consequences for *you*, young man, if you don't Forget About Freeman and do some Residue Processing in that Blast Pit you call a bedroom

Toribash but with mechs

- big stompy designs, more stable/forgiving than ragdolls
- narrative framing for why joints need to be manually manipulated
- no longer feel bad about tearing someone's arms off

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ever see a take so bad you just [muffled digitized thud]

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petitioning Unicode to add the 'lying face-down on the floor in exasperation' emote from Super Mario RPG

[clapping the two halves together like coconut shells] hey where'd everybody go

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