ffxiv, stormblood postgame 

(is going just fine)

new visual readability test where I throw all the curtains in my apartment wide open and try to navigate the ship's vents without using the lighter

problem: the number of entities emitting postspawn events in your map has exceeded [ALLOWED_NUMBER]

very cool, smart, stable solution: make [ALLOWED_NUMBER] bigger

my favourite debugging effect: toggling r_locksurfaces with a skybox in view

me: *goes back to Hammer for exactly one (1) day*

my brain: *instantly and unceremoniously ejects all muscle memory for DarkRadiant, Doombuilder, SLADE, Blender, Sledge, Krita, my current Dragoon rotation, my own handwriting, etc

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I propose that quake is the most id-software-like id software game on the basis that it is the most likely to go "lmaooooo gotemmmmmm"

the closer I get to finishing my Doom map the more I fret about over-fitting it to my own play-style

there's a lot of variance in how people approach this game and it feels all too easy to make the experience frictionless for yourself at the expense of *other* people's friction

have finally calmed the internal strife between the part of me that thinks spaceships should look like fish and the part of me that thinks spaceships should look like garbage trucks

subscribing to the conspiracy theory that the moon *is* real, but is only 1/16th of its perceived size and is hidden in an inaccessible room beneath the Fremantle Port Authority building

I believe subway tunnels should have irregularly-shaped archways to deter giant spherical boulders from taking up residence inside and causing problems for commuters

unrequited DMs, or 'asimpronous communication'

me: all spaces need to flow into each other. do not let them suspect that the world was built room-by-room. blur and soften your boundaries.

also me: haha thresholds fun :)

good visual language is when there's green slime

I have learned that sewing is much like programming in the sense that it's easy to make a lot of what *looks* like progress in a short amount of time, only to spend ten times as long un-fucking the mess you created in the process

nothing but respect for the designer working on The Lochs who said "what if we dedicated like a quarter of the map to an overly circuitous aether current route, as a prank?"

level design is: optimising distribution of coasters throughout the apartment so that there's always one nearby to common mug-setting-down points

I think you'll find it's perfectly normal to have strong feelings when seeing murky river waters churning around a stained concrete bridge pier

ethically opposed to good graphics on the basis that it's mean to make computers think too hard

finished Stormblood last night. Zenos is such a weird villain -- incredibly compelling, chews the hell out of the scenery, but like... almost completely detached from the wider narrative? it almost feels like he only exists to hold Fordola's leash

all this talk of geopolitics and rebellion and life under imperialist occupation and What Even Is A Nation Anyway and then the big baddie is just a bloodthirsty maniac with a golf bag full of katanas

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