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Community care is a recognition of the undeniable cooperative and social nature of human beings and involves a commitment to reduce harm simply through being together.'

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Nakita Valerio: 'Shouting "self-care" at people who actually need "community care" is how we fail people....Self-care is about the individual caring for their own basic physical needs, whereas community care is focused on the collective: taking care of people together, for everything from basic physical needs to psychological and even spiritual ones. (1/2)

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@BestGirlGrace @ben My other ones are even more beautiful! (no sarcasm) (Aurie is the first one) (also just to clarify since we don't know each other, this character is five years old and not intentionally designed to look like you)

@ben @izaliamae Mystery solved: The color channels on lunatic and nobles are different, and the lunatic one's took a default color that was identical with my charr's fur. Lunatic Noble pants are *not* jorts, I'm afraid.

@ben @izaliamae Not all of it (light chest on female for instance is completely different), but I might have overlooked regular Noble Pants are the same.

@izaliamae @ben Ah! In that case!
Medium armor is tricky because a lot of it covers up pants, but it also has the best jorts potential.

The following pants may be suitable for jorts:
-Drover (Charr exclusive!)
-Lunatic Noble (Halloween exclusive afaik)

There is also a bonified jorts outfit in the Dragon Emblem Clothing Outfit, but it's basically a very rare special con goodie exclusive.

Combine the jorts with something like Glorious Brigandine, Elegy/Requiem, Triumphant Brigandine or the Charr-exclusive Trapper Coat for optimal jort visibility!

@ben @izaliamae hello it me gw2 jorts expert which gender and armor class i will procure you the jorts

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@ben Yes, and you won't believe what happened next (follow to know more)

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Self care is a skill, nobody starts out great at it. It's okay to say "I don't even know how to help myself". With anything else that takes practice, you need to spend time doing it. You'll have times where it's easier that other times.

sexual attraction, mild hornt


legit question about phobias of the literal kind


fascism, pewdiepie


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A different view of the M87 black hole image.

I know posting a picture of the tactile black hole doesn't help its intended audience, but if you're interested in one please get in touch. Print-it-yourself files will come when the design is more final.


sonic, detective pikachu take


sonic, detective pikachu take


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