Thinking about pivoting my art career to becoming a highly successful comic artist who includes character profiles in every issue which have a character's theme song and then just very elaborately and slowly building up to a character whose theme is Silvia Night's Congratulations over several years. And then quitting.

They used an unmodified polygraph machine in this trial which 1) is awesome 2) cats on wheels it's the highest time we stopped taking lie detector results seriously in any capacity

Interesting as hell research: You know Galvanic Skin Response? It's electrical impulses on your skin that respond to your emotions, the same thing you use to measure emotional response in lie detectors for example?

You can teach people to consciously control it. It's used to help people with locked-in syndrome communicate!

[Galvanic Skin Response Interface for People with Severe Motor Disabilities, Melody M. Moore and Umang Dua]

Today in hella cool tech I hadn't considered: Using your voice to draw and using vowel modulation, loudness and length rather than words to have finer control.

I'm having to write a lot of notes featuring the words "assistive tech" and I need someone to physically restrain me from shortening it to "ass. tech"

Listen I know spelling it Atelier when it's pronounced as A-tell-ee-(h)e(y) (technically the German pronunciation, the French one is even harder to write out) is a bit annoying but I want you to know it's everyone who really cares about spelling's fault

That's right kids, it is absolutely 1000% possible to just spell stuff how you say it and be understood. I know because I live in a society where we communicate in text without actual spelling rules and also because it has been like that historically

I have compromised on pretty much all my requirements for an Atelier let's player but I'm not sure I can for "mostly knows how atelier is pronounced"

"Welcome to my let's play of AT-leer toe-TORY"


I just saw someone in a full cowboy suede getup, hat and all, skate by on a skateboard and god I want to draw them (I'm beginning to think love at first sight or whatever just kinda weirdly converted to "god I want to draw them" in my head and wtf)

My university's campus store (sold books, stationary, snacks, that sort of thing) went suddenly bankrupt in a pretty controversial way, and the store was sealed with the furniture and a bunch of product still in it. It's been a year and it's still like that. Several generations of students have started university and walk by this sealed storefront without ever having seen it open, likely not even knowing what it is. That's pretty ridiculous and weird if you think about it.

I was listening to Fickle Friends' album You Are Someone Else and thinking about how perfectly it captured that feeling of being new in a place and your life changing in exciting ways and now I wonder if sensing an emotion from music functions the same as synesthesia.

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It's a meme and all but isn't "we live in a society" not the most important concept to realise and internalise, and it's so rarely understood in its full extent and meaning

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Hello friends, does anyone know a series of an Atelier game with a let's player you like? Preferably women or nonbinary people, but most important to me is that they have a chill vibe, don't shout a lot and don't spend a lot of time editorializing (opinions are super fine but you know the ones, I don't want to feel like I'm on video game reddit... again... *shudders*)

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@toadheart *the ghost of dijkstra appears before you* "you'll never be satisfied with your own language eeeeither ooOOOoOOOooOOOo" :ghost_owo:

I am genuinely scared that one day I'll get to the "all programming languages are bad, I'M MAKING MY OWN" stage of being a coder. At this rate, this is absolutely in my future and knowing that is like staring into the abyss

All I wanted was to make a form in Python and it took me like 50 lines of code until I was neck-deep in complicated stackoverflows explaining what passing by reference vs passing by value language architecture means and writing lines like

command = lambda 1=1: changeImage(img[i])

and let me tell y'all, coming from developing primarily in Javascript this is some shit

I can't decide if I think that whole "variable name affects variable type" is kinda elegant or ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING

Anyway and y'all are mad at poor old Javascript?

"In FORTRAN 77, variable names beginning with the letters I–N had a default type of integer, while variables starting with any other letters defaulted to real, although programmers could override the defaults with an explicit declaration. This led to the joke: "In Fortran, GOD is REAL (unless declared INTEGER)."" (From Wikipedia)

I'm, uh, huh????????

(This is from the "Humor" section, when have you last seen a "Humor" section in a programming language wikipedia)

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