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Yeah, I use anti-aliasing. Sometimes you just need something to take the edge off.

Yakuza is a great game series because when I catch myself wondering what kind of underwear Kiryu is wearing, I can be 1000% certain that someone on the dev team has also wondered the same thing*

* This is not a thirst toot I was wondering as a matter of characterization, YES

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This one time I was reading a paper about chocolate, and it had an "interesting stuff we found but had no bearing on our research" section with a letter the Marquis de Sade wrote from prison to complain about the chocolate cake his wife sent him. It included a very detailed description of what it *should* taste like, which could be taken to date the invention of the chocolate *bar* as its own food several years earlier than assumed.

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Your Year Wrapped is really fun when you're a horrible basic bitch

My weird machine learny name generator using names from Zurich is almost kind of working (only first names are generated)

Aleaitha Markovic
Rarhia Huber
ldanael Leuenberger
Nêshika Brütsch
Bastiántigon Meile
Ichartori Öztürk

but then also

Aabaastasios Marino
An-Samueldreas Malik
Rnardo Ann Freitag
Sciladizza Kolb
Doulayehuresa Nikolic
Ngilastasija Kalt

Wait who am I kidding these are all great

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Y'all like wolves????? WEREWOLVES???? YEAH??????? HERE

(also make nightcore Elnur & Samir you COWARDS do you have any idea how terrifying that mugham singing sounds sped up)

I accidentally did a button on youtube and now I have made the most stressful discovery of my life: Please welcome to your consciousness, Nightcore Eurovision

For the benefit of all of humanity I want to announce there was once a man who had the name "Eggihardus". Thank you for your attention.

Charlemagne (Charles the Great)'s uncle was called called "Karlomann". Carlman. (Charles and Carl are the same name)


(Sorry folks I wrote a ML thing to generate some names yesterday, if I had known I could just add "man" to any name I wanted I'd have saved myself a lot of work)

Oops, that should have been a spoiler warning for Yakuza Kiwami 1, sorri

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hi if you see this will you boost it please, i'm testing my instance

this is a full participation activity, pls #boost

I almost refered to Jason Momoa as "JSON MOMOA" and I need to stop looking at data

normal brain: looking at baby names websites to find names for your fictional characters

galaxy brain: going on african open data sites to find name statistics

oh my god I finally put 2 and 2 together, I know what Kiryu's weird white suit in Yakuza 0 kept reminding me of and it's.... Luiz Ejlli, Albania's 2006 Eurovision entry [Luiz is wearing a white suit with a green tie-dye shirt and a cross necklace but the cross is a little curved like a flame]

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Anyway I can't wait for when in 10 years someone steals that weird bell sample from BEBE and I can listen to it in peace without contributing to the legal defence of The Living Manifestation Of Shitposts

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