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If you look, you can see the androgyny in everyone’s faces

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Self care is a skill, nobody starts out great at it. It's okay to say "I don't even know how to help myself". With anything else that takes practice, you need to spend time doing it. You'll have times where it's easier that other times.

sexual attraction, mild hornt


fascism, pewdiepie


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A different view of the M87 black hole image.

I know posting a picture of the tactile black hole doesn't help its intended audience, but if you're interested in one please get in touch. Print-it-yourself files will come when the design is more final.


sonic, detective pikachu take


sonic, detective pikachu take


sonic, genitalia


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Oh no I found out there's a local weekly vogueging workshop that's actually y'know, queer as hell and now I'm wondering if I radiate enough Queer Energy for this

People on the street are laughing at me for wearing a christmas sweater in april but little do they know I am now imbued with santa powers when society has no santa protections up

I completely accidentally ran into an old friend in GW2 yesterday and it's kinda hard to put into words how meaningful it was. The circumstances of us losing touch was full of hurt neither of us had caused and assumptions and unspoken things, so I did not feel comfortable just sending him a message, but seeing his character physically stand before me just sort of gave me the push and excuse.

Turns out he's been really lonely and not doing well, and here we are, meeting again three years later.

You always meet twice, y'all. You always meet twice.

avengers endgame spoilers


I never realised I actually always wanted to write detective stories huh

It's pretty fun having an acutal backstory for all my characters. There's John Toadheart, the very confident detective who's actually an idiot, his sidekick Yarga who is the actual brains of the operation and Aurie, the beleaguered cop who has to deal with them

Oof, s/o to @ben for talking ALL the GW2 lore to me because now I want to write some fanfictions. I wrote one about all my characters once and never finished it.

Me, starting game dev: If I develop everything for browsers I won't have to port to different operating systems

Me, several months later: Oh no

tokusatsu, Kyuuranger


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