The one game where I've tried to do time trials before is VVVVVV, and it's a little too hard for me

I think if I were to try doing time trials in any game, it would be Mirror's Edge


I haven't actually tried doing Mirror's Edge levels quick, I only did the story campaign, but it seems like a ton of fun

Oh wait. Crash 3 has time trials. I guess those count

Yeah I got all platinum relics there so uh. It definitely counts

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@socks Yeah, Mirror's Edge individual level speedruns are super slick, once you know everything you're capable of. IIRC some points have some fairly annoying tricks, but most of it is just, showing how streamlined the level design really is. It's super impressive.

@Facet I know there's glitches and such, if I played the game I don't think I'd wanna make use of those. Just optimization and learning new paths

@socks Yeah. Glitchless is perfectly acceptable, often more fun for a lot of people. That's the main goal, anyway. Playing the way that makes you happy, even if it's not "the best"

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