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Danish, vore joke 

I promise, the word "vores" here doesn't mean what you think it means

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Misinfo, Metroid 

EMI stands for

Is a valid Metroid password

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Silly, The Princess Bride reference 

"What about the"
"Glaceons Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist"

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Please start teaching in schools that e is not a number, it's a shorthand notation that also happens to evaluate to a number


Just had a dream about a horror multiplayer online game where a couple players fought a momster together but if you were randomly placed in a specific server the devs had snuck some code that you could just type in chat and ask the monster nicely to stop, and it would

TF2 nonsense 


Watching Ben Eater videos makes me really want to play around with an oscilloscope

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idea for a comic that I can't draw well enough to do, tf2, covid 

panel 1: RED medic and RED engineer. medic is wearing a face mask

medic: "engineer! you must be vearing a mask! zere is a pandemic!"

engineer: "what are you yapping about, i've got a mask on right here, plain as day"

panel 2: beat

panel 3: BLU spy dead on the ground

It's not ace day anymore but it's still a good time to let your ace friends know that you love and appreciate them

Funnily enough my brain can generate pretty convincing gibberish Danish while I'm dreaming

A common occurence of this is "that person is, of course, very wrong, but the fact that you felt the need to publicly dunk on them tells me everything I need to know about you"

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Honestly if you're right but you're a jerk about it I won't want to interact with you and that shouldn't come as a surprise

This isn't the same as "if you're right but you're a jerk about it I will believe you're wrong". I won't do that. This has nothing to do with shared beliefs (though of course, if you believe something which is harmful to others I also won't want to interact with you, for a different reason)

What's up, Emi's mad about TWEWY Final Remix again 

Still mad that they released a port for the Switch when the WiiU, the perfect console for a game that could ONLY work on dual screens, was RIGHT THERE

I don't actually believe this 

C is high level because you don't have to manually type in which addresses in memory you want to allocate, right?

Currently wondering if other people feel about 3B1B videos the way I feel about Ben Eater videos


\varphi: nice, aesthetically pleasing, easy on the eyes
\vartheta: WHAT is THAT

I don't get many opportunities to say that I am currently in the middle of an exam

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