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they want to toxify everything. they want โ€œreceiptsโ€. they want proof that everyone is just as despicable and disgusting as they are so they can justify their shitty behavior and the hurtful things they do. and theyll stretch the english language as far as itll go to make it real. truth is just a story we tell after all.

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love how some people are good w talking shit about others where they cant see it and as soon as you try to call attention to it youre the one being shitty. youre stepping outta line. youre being combative. love to be met with unwarranted hostility because some people are just filled with hate and dont want to grow or see others grow. they dont want to cooperate. they have to be on top. the center of the fucking universe or they arent worth shit.

Canโ€™t wait for the Black Fedi takeover ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿคž๐Ÿฝ

One last thing and Iโ€™m over this. When Ro fucked up, queer Brown women of color ran to give him the piece of the picture he was missing. When Tiljar went on their tirade at least 2 White Supremacists ran to comfort them. White Passing folks want to claim the deeper melanin experience, but those folks theyโ€™re tryna emulate can never stealth their way into the White experience. Thatโ€™s a one way street.

like. you wanna burn that bridge? you dont get to have your pronouns respected bc you already hurt that person. you actually give a shit about them and their personhood? stick around and work with them and hey maybe theyll treat you right in return. give a little, get a little

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get mad all you want about someones misuse of your pronouns, but they aint gonna want to treat you right if you cant get past that. your pain isnt greater than theirs and you dont get to put the conversation on hold to make them fix your shit. not to say get over it or anything but uh. please do. you treat people right and the pronouns shit will follow.

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maybe if yall cared more about treating people as humans than pronouns we wouldnt be in this mess

i guess its โ€œwhite people eat shitโ€ day again. oh wait thats every day


โ€œHotep ass bitchโ€ ๐Ÿ™„ just call him the N-word and leave our presence ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿฝ. Gabโ€™s waiting Iโ€™m sure.

@Are0h @Odi @sleepgirl @somarasu @gaja how you react to getting sat down is a huge indicator to who you are as a person.

@Are0h @Odi @sleepgirl @somarasu @gaja we caught the intersectionality of Blackness and Queerness which is why we pulled Ro aside. Whereas they want to pretend there is no intersectionality and they get to speak to Ro any which way they want w 0 accountability or respect to his own agency. The big difference is when we caught Ro up to speed he learned and apologized whereas when he explained his own pain to them they essentially called him the N word.

And now that the bigots have identified themselves and we've shuffled them off to their own musty corner, we can talk and learn from each other.

That's community. That's why I don't mind taking a spike in harassment because it brings us closer to the folks we need to find.

A handful of people disliking me personally is a small price to pay for making new and meaningful connections.

Because that feeling is quite mutual. I just put that energy into something useful.

@sleepgirl @denikombucha @somarasu @gaja @Are0h when looking at her pfp, it clear to me that sheโ€™s obviously white who may had a black or indigenous ancestory, but yeah, just cause she had these ancestors doesnโ€™t mean she is like her ancestors

@sleepgirl @denikombucha @Odi @somarasu @gaja There's the rub.

There are people that know of the culture, but have never participated in it.

And it's not hard to tell the difference between the two.

Yeah, I read Frances Cress Welsing too. Ha, it's not an all access pass.

@Are0h @alice @Odi @somarasu @gaja Iโ€™d start my own hater instance called โ€œFuckYou.Ro@YouBitch๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฝ.socialโ€

re: meta; personal; mh; sa mention


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@sleepgirl @denikombucha Forgot to add, the "just don't post it please" makes for some wonderful, absolutely perfect plausible deniability, wouldn't you say? :bloboro:

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