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selfie, boost ok


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URGENT: Asking for Money for Food :boost_ok:​


URGENT: Money needed :boost_ok:


@sleepgirl I can personally, legitimately account for the truth of this statement πŸ’• 😍

id like to inform everyone that despite the scarcity of my posts lately i continue to be gay and lesbian in daily life

ironic that "boyfriend" clothes is made for lesbians πŸ€”

Diss track I made in response to a Pewdiepie and Boyinaband video


Today I'm useless because all I've got on my mind is blonde goths

Me, 15: anarchy means throwing a bottle at a cop car

Me, 25: anarchy means helping one another, organizing because we are stronger together, and taking control of our own lives by means of direct action like throwing a bottle at a cop car

Money Needed


URGENT :boost_ok:


i hate when my therapist calls me in late and im waiting and getting anxious abt it

despite being literally the most beautiful and talented woman on the planet, i still cant finish this fucking essay

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