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The serialization of Magical Mafias is now free to access! I'll be using Dreamwidth to serialize the post-edit text of the novel and bonus content~

On Twitch, I'll be continuing the free Edit-With-Me/Read-Aloud streams on Sundays~ As a bonus, you get to hear my gorgeous voice.

The Twitch VODs are backed up on YouTube:

Tips on Ko-Fi are warmly welcome.

I'm so excited~!

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Also doing so caused me to realize the character Greg is probably aro? Cool. @Anke

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I'm so excited about my paints. *vibrates, waiting for them to arrive*

It'll be light on CWs, too. A few paragraphs of long-distance-relationship sads and a few paragraphs of backstory violence/death, otherwise pretty clear of anything I'd warn for. (I wouldn't even normally warn for the LDR sads, but... I know my audience.)

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Can't sleep, so poking at Magical Mafias. Next week starts magic classes! Also we get to meet the student characters Jenna and Michelle (and briefly glance at Marco).

I also don't have to worry about a easel, since I have my book stands. Yay!

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I /could/ get a palette, but... once upon a time I bought an ice cube tray and then promptly moved to an apartment with an icemaker.

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Okay, ended up deciding on a brand that's also great for painting minis (our local game store uses it). That way, even if I decide I don't like regular painting, I'll still have supplies for painting my kajillion unpainted minis.

Ended up choosing:
FolkArt paints and brushes (regular colors and also a few metallics because eeee metallics)
Canson Mix Paper Pad, which is kind of like a heavy-duty sketchbook that can handle paintwork

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New Branches post, exploring pre- vs. post-edit relationship stuff in Magical Mafias.

Contemplating acrylic paint starter kits, recs welcome.

Magical Mafias Episode 6 read-aloud is uploaded. This time we're going with stock art for the thumbnail, while I contemplate AI ethics.

@vicorva @Rowyn Are there any stock art sites you particularly like?

This is... *sigh* giving me some serious questions to consider.

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Content notes for the stream (happy to warn/ping): 

- Unnegotiated corporal punishment (playful)
- Boot-blacking
- Play-fighting (brief)
Strip search
Gory description of scars (brief)

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Streaming Magical Mafias Edit-With-Me Episode 6 in an hour~.

In today's episode, Thairn meets Greta's grand-nephew Mickey, and Illa meets Gabriel, the head of the Wingless gang.

For some reason, Have I Been Trained has an NSFW filter, so it's not very usable if you want to see if, say, the AI scraped your dick pic.

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People have found alarming stuff in the LAION-5B training set. One person even found her private medical photos.

Out of curiosity, I searched some top surgery photos I had posted to a public website. None popped up as being in the data set, but a lot of /other/ people's top surgery photos did, and I have to wonder how much consent was involved there.

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Checks the LAION-5B training set used to train Stable Diffusion, Google Imagen, and other AI models, to see if an image of yours has been scraped into that dataset.

(This won't tell you much about Midjourney, as they have thus far refused to publicize what they use for their training set.)

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