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Keep having dreams of being in the pokemon world. Wish they would come true. That world just feels better.

Ack my notifications! So much buzzing from the phone and smartwatch.

I was thinking, and I realized that Superman is a Plant/Fighting type pokémon. He absorbs sunlight. Fires lasers out of his eyes (solar beam), can blow cold air (icy wind?), has super strength (strength), and lastly has the power of flight (fly).

Have you hugged your local pokemon today?
And remember glaceons and mews get double hugs.

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So the client I use for Twitter and Fediverse is officially dead.
So now I need to find something new. I would like an all in one solution, but I know that is ni impossible. Any suggestions? I do still have Plume I paid for years ago.

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@monorail Plot twist: your rival reveals they are the protagonist from the Mystery Dungeon games and fondly remember their time as a Pokemon. You both share a common camaraderie on being a Pokemon in secret.

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@monorail Battling to free pokémon from their spherical prisons? Raising class consciousness through midnight bill sticking and disrupting what are in effect unregulated cockfights? Gaining entry to places as just three pokémon in a trenchcoat and plenty of swagger? This would totally work and I support it.

By the way if anyone wants to be a pokemon. I'm glad to help. I am after all a mew, and capable of fulfilling that desire, or I can give you a pokeball necklace and you can change on your own. Hit me up anytime here, IRC or Discord.

Does anyone know of any good pokemon fanfics? Doubly ones that have transformation?

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long pokemon lore, some speculation


I got another cute mew art from on the birdsite

Boost from on the birdsite, because it is so cute!

RT @nikonraccoon Pokemon hugs! Well, mine is a fakemon. But still!

What if...
What if we turned all the humans into cute pokemon?

By the way, I still need one more new friend in for a mission. Code is in my profile.
(*ducks and waits for the flood*)

Oh my, the artist I poked made a shiny version of one of their stickers, did the update:
Artist's FA:

Excuse me, I have to order like a dozen now.

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