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Do I change my header?

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me? I have never kinned. not even once. not even by accident

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I don't know why I'm posting on Saphie's account I was just too lazy to switch 🐰

1. how do bits go through the wire/air/whatever

2. how do machines communicate over that wire

3. how do you organize those machines into networks

4. how do you send data between networks and applications

5. how does the connection between systems operate

6. how is the data marshalled back and forth for transport

7. how does the user interact with another system

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I can now probably explain the OSI-Layers in my fucking sleep

do it, boost my status. load test my instance. take it down. i dare you

walked outside and there was a squirrel right there 🐿️

Becoming a nofap person but not for any of the usual alleged benefits but just cause masturbation sucks lmao

taking my emo girl on a date to the Warioware CBT Mausoleum

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