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you know those memes where people edited games covers to have all sorts of labels on them like "featuring dante from the devil may cry series" and "& Knuckles" and "New Funky Mode" and all that


I found one they were missing

Crossposted from twitter, likely from switch.


unrelated note: I'm glad that literally everyone in the world has a javascript REPL on their computer so you can see how dumb JS is.

can we get the thing that lets us compile any language to javascript already?

I thought the reason it did silly coersion was because it didn't want to throw errors.

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wait, JS has errors, but yet it does silly coersion anyway?

okay, so this laptop really isn't built for running VMs. this is fine.

currently trying to install arch linux in a VM to make a premade VM package to send over the internet yay.

@00dani are you planning to do a first thoughts on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX?

what is a subpost/subtoot? I'm confused by that in some CWs I'm seeing.

speaking of which, I need to know y'alls opinions on jodie whittaker's doctor because I think she's wonderful.

Nice, another pokemon glitch that canonically creates trans pokemon.

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While most 3D games model the buttons on Mario's/Luigi's/Wario's/Waluigi's overalls as discs (left), the Mario & Sonic series has, since its beginning, modeled them as spikes embedded in their bodies. On the right is a model from Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

And yes, it did in fact end with "The En" that wasn't me miscopying.

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so I just had an amazing experience with a homestuck adventure in AI Dungeon 2.

of course, then it decides to freeze. but y'know. that's just how they be.

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hmm, seems like the people throwing a fit were just the vocal minority, who woulda thought,,

I'm playing AI Dungeon 2, and my character is trans. I didn't say "my character is trans", that's just what the game decided my character would be. She's a detective. This is the best game ever made. Genuinely the future of storytelling.

Otherwise, great game. no real other problems. Just a lack of.... locations.

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