uh oh, apparently there's an extra rare form of a shiny. welp.

Except that the option... Doesn't seem to work at all. Great.

Wait actually tusky has a "hide boosts" option nevermind it's perfect.

Can anyone recommend a good android app for mastodon because apparently tootdon which I used to use is no longer in service for whatever reason so I installed tusky for now but if there's a better one, let me know.

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Mural on an unauthorized Mario-themed ride at the 2009 Florida State Fair, with close-up. The "ML" on Mario's and Luigi's caps stands for the ride's name, "Mario Land". t.co/htMoiMZO9h

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When Mario obtains a Big Mushroom in Super Mario Maker 2, he assumes his Small Mario sprite with modern coloration (top). However, when the same sprite is used on the Endless Challenge map screen, one of his overall buttons is white instead of yellow (bottom, button circled). t.co/INtMFzK35G

I should probably have been doing raids, huh.

hey anyone who wants to add me on switch, please add me.


my favourite thing about sw/sh is that the load times are incredibly short. you can get from game closed to gameplay in about 6 seconds, which is far shorter than any other switch game I own.

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anyway, the scenes are all much more detailed than any previous Pokemon game, like, so much more detailed, and like. I think thats more than enough to ask for

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I dunno what people were on about with the animations in sword and shield, they look fantastic

all the animations I've seen have been great, and a real step up from the previous 3D pokemon games, especially compared to let's go, its such a big step up from that

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even if its not your favorite you don't have to start making like its the worst thing to ever exist, it just simply isn't, not even close

its a nice video game, plain and simple

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like. now that I have Pokemon Sword, I am super upset about all the people making a big stink about the game like. This is a good game, its well put together, detailed, polished, cute, fun...clearly so much work went into it, its just a nice, good, game, it doesn't deserve this

Tbqh, the appealing thing about google stadia to me has gotta be the exclusive platform features that can only be feasibly done using the cloud platform, like stream connect, share state, etc. Just... need good games to use them.

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"I'm an adult and I like stinky fart humor"

- vinny vinesauce

*has 4 webcomics open right now, 2 of which she's at like the first page of but are really long hahahahahahaha*

I really should turn that off now, I enabled it so long ago.

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