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languages that i can speak:

  • english (fluent at a native level)
  • italian (fluent at a native level)

computer funny words:

  • (?:java|type)script
  • lua
  • python
  • ruby
  • java
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rin • she/her • :heart_trans: • furry • an actual sylveon • cursed code witch • gmt+0 europe/london

hi! my name is rin and i don't like caps
i came here from twitter
i like making friends so i'm always open to dm requests on discord (ry00001#3487)
i like tetris and rhythm games
i also make bad music sometimes (i use fl studio 12 or 20)

i code! most of my work is on
i made a game

please don't be shy to reply or add me on discord if you want to talk to me! I'm always open!

can people who were following me here please follow @rin, i'm gonna be much less active here because of that account

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love too run a fedi instance but not be able to change my dns settings bc of fucking cloudflare

i have realised that my sona is not here
here she is



there's people i wanna talk to on here but discord is like. the only contact method i have that actually works for talking to me. and they don't have it.


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well ACTUALLY at that point the terminal was frozen. idk how but it was

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i'm really bad at experiencing stories tbh

i never figure anything out when i'm supposed to

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<marquee> is the only HTML tag i would say i have "fond memories" of

the neopets forums used to (maybe still do? it is neopets) have an XSS vulnerability. as innocent kids we didn't think of using <script> tags to do malicious stuff. instead, we exploited the vulnerability to inject <marquee> tags. as more and more people did it, they would nest deeper and deeper, so you'd have posts nyoooming across the screen with even faster posts inside them

good times

oh hey, when did cloudflare decide to go down? when i wanted to set a masto instance up.

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