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hazel • she/her • :heart_trans: • an actual sylveon • cursed code witch • gmt+0 europe/london

hi! my name is hazel and i don't like caps
i came here from twitter but mastodon is good!
i like making friends so i'm always open to dm requests on discord (ry00001#3487)
i like tetris and rhythm games
i also make bad music sometimes (i use fl studio 12 or 20)

i code! most of my work is on but i made a Tetris engine in lua at

please don't be shy to reply or add me on discord if you want to talk to me! I'm always open!

i absent-mindedly uninstalled my mastodon client by accident

I'm incredibly more active on birdsite

i bought it, because i have never not liked a zachtronics game

music game hell, asterisk shit


this is fucking garbage btw
i topped out bc t came late

accidentally builds a new setup while fucking about

all eeveelutions are cute; you cannot change my mind

puyo tet on three systems at the same time (and my keyboard) #PuyoPuyoTetris

sometimes i hate this game's quirks but i love it, which is why I've spent hundreds and hundreds of hours playing it

i AM going to do this at one point

i just gotta learn sendmail

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