potty humour, swearing, spoilers, etc. for video im about to link

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dnd (+)


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i liked the MAG blooper where elias was like "i might be an Eldritch horror but profanity is just too far!" in response to martins va cussing

i got art of claris as a dragon eevee fakemon once and it was a good choice

the best part about vlr is that it has a really rad title in japanese

dc douglas also voices legitimately the most awful character in trails of cold steel and he makes it even WORSE because i cant stop hearing complex motives man

ztd, the ultimate opinion


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homestuck, nuclear take, very bad content


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homestuck, nuclear take


eating disorder, not gross


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saying "kill two birds with one stone"
-encourages animal cruelty
-dead birds

saying "feed two birds with one scone"
-socially conscious
-forward-thinking and encouraging of life
-hap birb

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