yelp review: yuugi punched a hole through my body and killed me. 5 stars

also i actually like sa's stage 3 theme more than lullaby of deserted hell somehow

mayumis theme was like "oh this is actually pretty good" and keikis theme was like "holy shit?? HOLY SHIT???"

im also not big on a lot of the tracks from wbawc for the same reason

my problem with touhou tracks is that if the intro isnt good to me my ears just turn off so for that reason i dont like sa stage 2 as much as i probably should

parsees stage theme is th eonly sa track im not partial to. i love her boss theme though

stage 5 themes i DONT like: eosd, pcb, hsifs

and there are a lot of good stage 5 themes. ancient temple dont interact

that said shining needle castle sinking in the air is the best stage 5 theme

to be honest if shinmyoumaru's theme's melody HADN'T been used as much in the rest of the game it would probably be the best

"emotional skyscraper" i understand your point. however, theres 2 yuukas and only 1 byakuren, so

faint dream is the best touhou final boss theme

"every touhou final boss theme is god tier"

By rating every Touhou final boss theme as "god tier", you've harmed your ability to individually appreciate them.
That's right, you've enjoyed my theme a little too much.

its funny how eosd has multiple characters who arent canon

to clarify im tired of hearing yuyukos theme because ive been trying to perfect her for 30,000 years

every isngle recent fina lboss theme zun has made is a bop

touhou take too hot to handle


the only thing that can stop keiki is that her name is cake

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