Welll done forsaking Mastodon.social, Summer Ghost...

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in the context of: if someone is threatening you, they're probably doing it because it would be more expensive for you to fight than to give them what they want

and in situations like that, if you can, I think there's a moral imperative to force them into a conflict & make them pay the price carry out that threat. because if they never have to, they can carry on threatening everyone indefinitely.

Local Post Devastates Fediverse With Its Proliferation! What Post Is It? The Answer May Surprise You!


also apparently cheeso's "[justice card flips over] evil justice" joke will become real

i look at the yttd acronym and my brain still goes like, y to train (your) dragon

im amused at the concept that all all of the boosts and favourites on this post get the reference

Glaceon Existed Hundreds Of Years Before Any Of Us And In Fact Invented Antarctica.

im trying to figure out where to stand on one of the recent composers in the trails series. can yall listen to a bit of this boss theme and tell me if it sucks or is good

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the wizard's most powerful spell, Dispel Sexy

junko's new plan: make chang'e lose subscriber

"You posted cringe just now."
For that reason alone, I'll drop you into hell.

i had to resist the urge to type a facebook boomer post just now

whos the muscley dumbass of pokemon ascent

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