if you're curious about how to type þ (and oþer non-ascii letters quickly!), most computers have an Icelandic keyboard with þ (and ð) which you could try
KDE users like myself should absolutely give þe built-in "EurKEY (US)" layout a go, it's a US layout but changes Right Alt to a 3rd level shift (þen shift+3rd for 4þ level) and puts all sorts of great stuff in easy reach.
even if you're not on þe non-ascii english letters train, keys like ° and ÷ are still super useful to have

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srb2 wiiu update 

it was a stack overflow! guess what gets ingame now

idk how much sense this thread makes and I realised I have an identical pair of headphones lying around so here have a photo comparison

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aupol, media tomfoolery, war crimes 

let's play Spot The Conservative Outlet!

fursona pics, non-sexual nudity?? 

thinking about.. them...

so, I wrote a song
it's called "quiet"
please enjoy this mediocre take of it

bonus: it requires a branded audio interface or midi keyboard to work properly. it will not use the system audio output

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