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alright i have decided from now on my art is paid

headshots are 1 dollar, full body is 5 dollars or 3 dollars idk. backgrounds are +1 dollar. i think these are fair prices

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new introduction post


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alright new plan, my commisions are pay what you want. you're encouraged to get my art for free but i'll accept steam money

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interaction guidelines


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please excuse me if i'm a lil awkward in direct conversation, i just find it really stressful and like i'm constantly saying something wrong

professionalism makes me feel especially threatened, so keep that to a minimum please =w=

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i really love mythical creatures and whatnot ok it started with elves and now i'm knee deep into monster boys or whatever

who needs multiple screens when you can just play all games in a tiny window



does linux have better support for a hacked together vr headset from a google cardboard 1.0 and ps moves setup

nothing, gross


I can't believe I have to say this re: encouraging suicide


if not for this stupid quest i'd still be playing ffxiv. ascertain my ass' intentions for all I care i can't find the dumb youths

i already had to scroll down someone's profile twice today to figure out the context god

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please thread your posts especially if the context of the previous posts is crucial

fuck joker in smash ultimate i might make a video on that sick fuck

one day i'll be banned for saying way too many sarcastic lines about the meta

i just went "hey, why am i seeing this person's post, i dont follow them" and then i realized i was looking at the federated timeline

i love the 3ds circle pad so much because it's flat and really comfortable to use for long periods of time thanks to that

i should've realized i was pan years ago when i made a hot demon boy oc

every single one of my ocs is just "cute but can and will kick your ass'

See I think we should just ban white people from going into any non-white persons mentions to “correct” them about anything

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