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new introduction post 

hi, i'm pecka!~
i'm a queer demigirl femboy mess who arts and also musics sometimes
i post about videogames, monsterpeople and whatever i'm into at the moment!
feel free to drop a follow req, just have some posts and something in your bio!

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if you don't allow your users to instantly delete all traces of you being on your service, you deserve to have your service shut down

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interaction guidelines 

⬦ don't reply to my follower only posts unless i specifically mention that you can, please.
⬦ please don't do any lewd interacts @ me out of nowhere thx
⬦ i'm really not interested in dating rn. i might show you a lot of love but that just means i see you as a very close friend
⬦ follow requests are ok, just interact with me first (boosts, favs etc)
⬦ ignore me if i get unreasonably mad
⬦ if the best you can offer in terms of replies to my posts is arguing over the contents then Please Fuck Off

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please excuse me if i'm a lil awkward in direct conversation, i just find it really stressful and like i'm constantly saying something wrong

professionalism makes me feel especially threatened, so keep that to a minimum please =w=

you know what, maybe nobody does in fact care about a 3ds game released 3-4 months after the switch launched

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watching alt tiktok compilations taught me how to draw and design interesting clothing

ever oasis got the short end of the stick because:
- it was released on E3 2016. that's the one with breath of the wild and pokemon gen 7
- it was only shown off in the nintendo treehouse segment
- it released to mixed reviews in june 2017, 4 months after the nintendo switch launch

the funniest joke in software, whether intentional or not, is how the restart button in the citra updater restartes the updater and not actual citra

in hindsight, the mentality of "i'm just a kid/teen/minor, that's probably why i do this" wasn't very good

walking up to a couple and asking which of them is seepy and which is cosy

sorry for not posting a lot, i've been caught up in things

i might actually do that ever oasis playthrough

feeling lonely and hollow, but also disgusted by the thought of having any relationships, even platonic

i need to untangle this mess

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