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commision info 

| commissions open! |
- payment is done with steam wallet money, paysafecards or the respective discord nitro tier if possible!
- i reserve the right to turn down a commission for personal reasons
- these come with colour unless requested otherwise - that won't change the price though!
- dm for inquiries

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new introduction post 

hi, i'm pecka!~
i'm a queer demigirl femboy mess who arts and also musics sometimes
i post about videogames, monsterpeople and whatever i'm into at the moment!
feel free to drop a follow req, just have some posts and something in your bio!

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interaction guidelines 

⬦ don't reply to my follower only posts unless i specifically mention that you can, please.
⬦ please don't do any lewd interacts @ me out of nowhere thx
⬦ i'm really not interested in dating rn. i might show you a lot of love but that just means i see you as a very close friend
⬦ follow requests are ok, just interact with me first (boosts, favs etc)
⬦ ignore me if i get unreasonably mad
⬦ if the best you can offer in terms of replies to my posts is arguing over the contents then Please Fuck Off

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please excuse me if i'm a lil awkward in direct conversation, i just find it really stressful and like i'm constantly saying something wrong

professionalism makes me feel especially threatened, so keep that to a minimum please =w=

someone probably made this joke already who cares it's funny

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as a bit i'll put something else about me being a minor every once in a while in my bio

why is every fucking harpy picture almost naked

the laptop i'm on rn has an hdd and 8 gigs of ram while running windows 10 so every time steam turns on and there's anything else open the whole thing hangs

image description: mushrooms with a brown cap and yellowish stems

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i have a little sitting sspot next to the mushroom, so i can give updates

all i know is that the tiny white stalk wasn't here yesterday

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is the small white thing a different mushroom or just a part of this mushroom. i'm not a mushroom expert

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mushrooms! fascinating
i wonder what mushrooms these are

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