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please excuse me if i'm a lil awkward in direct conversation, i just find it really stressful and like i'm constantly saying something wrong

professionalism makes me feel especially threatened, so keep that to a minimum please =w=

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i really love mythical creatures and whatnot ok it started with elves and now i'm knee deep into monster boys or whatever

ph- body horror ment but not real


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ph -




gender, genitals -


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gender -


shirtless boy, drawn


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reminder that i will draw for you for free if you ask me

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if i was an eeveelution i'd either be a sylveon or an umbreon

or maybe a fusion of both

i hate my computer because i have to flip the power switch on the back off when i go to bed or else it turns on right as i'm about to fall asleep and wakes me up



how do streamers play switch games and bear the 0.2s input lag? and more importantly, would the best streamers absolutely wipe smm2 levels in handheld mode

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“Show me the footage again.”

The office is still. A flash of green zips in and out. It had to have been a millisecond.

“And they didn’t take anything?”

“No sir. There was just a USB and a note on my desk that said ‘to SEGA.’”


“You’ll never believe this,’s a design document.”


He passes the folder over.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. 200 pages of notes on a mobile Chao Garden game proposal.”

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It's that time again.

Please CW posts about difficult and distressing topics! Don't boost UnCWed posts!

No one is telling you not to talk about these really important topics. Some people live with these realities, some people have loved ones affected by these realities, and mastodon has a Contest Warning so that people have a choice about having these reminders thrust upon them.

One extra button push, a few extra characters, and you make many people's lives better by giving them a choice 💝

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