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a note on neopronouns: my brain doesn't save them. i don't have the memory spare. i'll do my best to remember, but i will almost certainly forget and fall back to they/them. i apologize in advance.

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trans experiences


within ten minutes...

launching a booster, launching the second stage from that booster and returning the booster to land safely

fourth flight of this booster which is... just insane

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financial help toot PLS BOOST !!!!


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join the revolution, disable automatic capitalisation in your phone's keyboard settings

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Ahhh I love seeing queer cuties flirt with each other on my tl

Y'all are cute

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kinda sad they never released the optional parental filter for easier parenting

i assume the blocks would just spontaneously combust upon spelling a bad word

if a game gives me letter blocks it is physically impossible for me not to do this

or maybe it's just sharply reduced the amount of dead skin my body sheds... maybe it's both

either way, soff

it's time to remember that "free" software means "free to use for violence against fellow human beings" and tbqfh i am not down with that

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