wireless charging is so nice

i haven’t plugged my phone in for like a week now and it’s great

i like doing the little unexpected gestures in relationships, it makes me feel cute

"hmm should i get dressed"
*unanimous vote*

nope, guess we're just gonna have our thinkpad on bare legs, whatever

if anyone ever comes at me with "intelligent design" i'll just retort "okay, but have you seen your feet"

person a: "hey python sounds like a useful scripting language"
person b: "hmm, yeah, scripting language..."
*cogwheels turn*
person b: "i'm making a shell with this and you can't stop me now"

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*wants to take a good selfie*
*grabs phone camera, notices how awful it is in low light*
*grabs DSLR*

and by casual i mean smashed glass and a lot of arguing followed by neighbour calling the pigs

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how the fuck do cis people

love witnessing casual domestic abuse

seen one bigot, seen 'em all, tbh

you really only have to see one person be disgustingly close-minded and that's your fill for life

casually reinstalling 1053 packages, how’s your evening?

this piece of garbage won't understand what an index.md is and honestly i'm not sure i even want it to anymore

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i'm about to defenestrate hugo and use jekyll holy shit

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