i’m honestly just glad she feels safe enough near me to fall asleep

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kinda cute to look into the inner world why someone isn’t replying anymore and it turns out they just fell asleep next to you

i remember someone used it to extract the bootloader off the NAND with no other I/O for options

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just gave $15 to a trans girl in exchange for Celeste FLACs


i just realized this gives me access to old car stereos with ipod integrations

fuck yes

ipod 30G: my sectors have 512 bytes
ipod 80G: haha mine are 2048
ipod 256G: *has 16384* oh hey what are you guys up to

so, i somehow have to try and kill an ipod with a 3000mAh battery that keeps recharging when i dump new files onto it

what do

i love this cute little ipod video

it is now the main copy of my music library and is currently playing Nier Automata FLACs

how to alienate all your "leftist" friends: "the cops are just state-run terrorists"

imagine if new laptops still had disk indicators

i think i heard the straights arguing across the street in my sleep and conjured up a trauma nightmare

thanks, brain

that was a plural CPU overcommit of pretty drastic proportions

might have to go talk with our newest to see what’s bothering her

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