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it’s not you. nothing about this society is “sane”. ~ 🐾

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do we believe in gods?

🐾: “we believe in violently killing them.”

referencing mh - 

i don't talk about it much but i probably have chronic fatigue and i definitely have C-PTSD so yeah my mind is fucked thanks

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why do abled people feel like they're tasked with enforcement of "disabled spaces" anyway 🦋

if only to save my brain from the monotonous blend of kubernetes and terraform

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yeah i think i'm gonna try learning toki pona 🦋

Cassandra you’ve just described every Microsoft product. 🐾

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i can’t specify for… reasons, but it’s basically screwing in light bulbs for Microsoft because they shipped a garbage product where the lightbulbs unscrew themselves once a day

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i didn’t understand how everyone ends up learning toki pona, but now that i have a bullshit job i might actually try it 🦋

PSA: take your damn meds. thanks for coming to my ted talk etc etc.

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fuckers can’t even get a Wallet integration right because they want to ensure your ticket isn’t too recent

maybe i dunno, put a UNIX time stamp on the code? dummies?

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german walkable infrastructure test: tram line didn’t run, and my legs already felt weak

thanks tram company 🦋

i think i have precordial catch syndrome

*throws it onto the list of ever-growing shit* 🦋

i want to commit a copyright infringement just to prove a point, but i'll resist

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(if you ever send me a 96 kHz FLAC i will downsample them out of spite)

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i want to get pretty headphones, but i'm scared of joining the "i can hear the difference between 48 and 192 kHz" crowd because fuck them in particular 🦋

anyway hi i made spaghetti because i couldn't sleep

was some pretty good spaghetti ngl 🦋

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