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a food joke that i think i first heard here on fedi 

tried to make my password "beef stew" but it was rejected because it wasn't stroganoff

every once in a while someone says "why do i feel like pigeon should have a d in it" and i get to blow up their whole spot with :pidgey:

@monorail Hold on Porygon is DRMed according to bulbapedia?

"According to its Pokédex entries, it has copy protection built into its code, preventing duplication through electronic means"

lyrics caps 



step up to the plate
i'm gonna roast you like inferno roasts with hate
with unbearable pain
i take careful aim
with arm wound back
you're in the path of a star player aflame

today i referred to my cat's snoot and my dad was so confused

yeah it's the part of his face the nose is on
"you mean snout?"
you can't BOOP a SNOUT, what are you talking about

did you know that if you open a rom of zelda nes in a hex editor, remove some of the bytes, and add some new bytes, you get a 100% working rom of ocarina of time? incredible how far in advance they planned this stuff

minecraft is so funny because it's like "here's a literal hell dimension where the laws of space and time are broken" and the players go "oh, how practical!"

i used to actually know someone who was angry about lgbt people use rainbows because it was appropriated from god

thinking about how there's a nintendo game with a plot like "you were arrested for a crime you didn't commit. now, you must uncover the culprit to prove your innocence and clear your name"

and it's also the one with the chill summertime beach vibes

the secret to being june is to be perfect and wonderful in every way

i could never be an astronomer because of how often i'd be mumbling "glaciers melting in the dead of night and the superstar sucked into the supermassive"

i will never be as cool as the guy on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire who made it to the final question without using any lifelines, used phone a friend to call his dad, and said "I don't need any help, I just wanted you to be the first to know I'm winning a million dollars"

they say F1 cars generate enough downforce to drive upside down, but i still haven't seen an F1 track with a loop

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