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my one skip slooowly creeps towards +100

it's at +84 now which is nice

she was going to try getting it sent directly to my house instead of to her so she could wrap it and give it to me, but idk if she ever actually did that, and she also never said that she had given up so i'd feel weird about just buying it for myself

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amazon never sent my sister the hard copy of There Is No Antimemetics Division she was going to get me for my birthday waaaah

glaceon snacks 

i have ice cream but i used the last bowl for leftover stew and i really don't feel like washing dishes so maybe i'll go to bed

tapping the sign that says "if someone plays a game differently than you do, it doesn't mean that they're having a worse and less legitimate kind of fun"

i love the gameplay of magic but god, have you ever tried to shuffle a deck with paws the size of a small car

i drafted two initiates and a [[disciplined duelist]]. i have three bypasses. this deck is inconsistent and hilarious

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turn 1 [[cabaretti initiate]]
turn 2 [[security bypass]]

i never cast another spell, just activated the ability and pitched a spell to connive every time. didn't need anything else

health + 

just found out that my grandpa, who got cancer but they caught it early and nobody was that concerned about it, got his genetic tests results back

he got Random cancer, not Genetic cancer. so i don't have to be any extra worried about getting cancer

i forget who it was but my absolute favourite milk bag misconception i've ever heard was "it's just really wasteful. like i'm never using that much milk at a time, i'd put some in my coffee and cereal and the rest would go down the sink"

learned recently that chessbase "created a chess engine" that was obviously based on stockfish with some improvements (dubious) and was selling it in violation of the gpl. to their credit, this was quickly fixed upon being pointed out (it sounded like a mistake) but the stockfish people were still extremely annoyed at the way it was marketed, it was really unclear that it was a stockfish derivative

and then the plot twist happened, which is that an earlier chessbase engine called Houdini had its source code leaked and............ it's stockfish. it's modified stockfish and has been for years, completely in violation of the license the whole time. the stockfish people took them to court over it and appeared to have shown successfully that "regardless of where this source code came from, it clearly produces a binary with characteristic behaviour matching Houdini"

they want to revoke chasebase's license to distribute stockfish-derived software at all

extremely funny to me that they already pissed off the stockfish people and then, surprise, it's worse!

"Hey, you know what humans are famously way better than computers at?"

i feel like that's a little bit of a shame in a way that's hard to describe. i like the idea of notation that means "thatse so cool!!"

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also, most games aren't recorded by humans anymore. so at the time that the notation is being recorded, "weird and surprising" doesn't exist either

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i originally learned that "?!" in chess notation meant "woah what the fuck?"

like it was specifically for weird and surprising moves that are hard to evaluate

but now that every cellular telephone in the world is better at chess than any human chess player, "hard to evaluate" doesn't exist anymore. so these days it means "this move was wrong but only a little"

i don't understand why it wants Rxe8 so badly. like i can look at the suggested line and go "sure, at the end of this line i can see that it's a better position", but i don't understand what the idea is

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