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i thiiiink it was like, some player was notable for often almost 4-stocking people, but dying just before landing the final killing blow? so losing to them at 3 stocks and 0% was like, kind of "their version" of four stocking you? and it was named in their honour or something?

and then it got extended

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"holly what is JV100 here"

i used to know what it stands for but i forget

to JV(n) somebody is to beat them with n-1 stocks remaining and 0% damage taken. you came as close as possible to n stocking them without actually doing it. getting a JV100 in a 99 stock game means never taking a hit

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from /r/ssbm:

Need to settle a discussion I had with my roommate last night: If we gave them each a gamecube controller and 99 stocks, could Jmook JV100 our 8 month old kitten? All we’d need is for her to get 1 hit. I was thinking we’d have to throw cat treats at the controller to get her to press buttons and just get lucky with a jab or projectile while his guard is down. Would turn into a crazy metagame where JMook is mixing up approaches in-game to bait out treat throws in real life.

EDIT- this is assuming he is character locked to Sheik

i've had this thought for a while but i think i'm happy with this way to word it

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holly is annoyed at the way autism discourse happens online (if you're going to read this please keep in mind that i'm autistic) 

the perfect world dream scenario isn't "everyone is like me" it's "people are willing to work together to figure out how to best interact with people who aren't like them"

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holly is annoyed at the way autism discourse happens online (if you're going to read this please keep in mind that i'm autistic) 

like people online will post "why do allistic people [X]" and get a thoughtful response describing the specific way it's intended to perform some role in society and why allistic people choose it over whatever the implied "here's what an autistic person would do" behaviour

and i feel like the correct response to that would be "oh, thank you, i understand a little better, it still doesn't exactly sit right with me but i can recognize that it's being done with intention by and for people who think differently than i do"

not "well that doesn't fit my values so actually it's Objectively Shitty" like fuck who died and made you king, other people do value those things and that's not a flaw with them that you're cool and brave enough to not have

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holly is annoyed at the way autism discourse happens online (if you're going to read this please keep in mind that i'm autistic) 

i'm so goddamn sick of the sentiment like "allistic people think that the way autistic people think and communicate is rude but ACTUALLY allistic people are universally rude by their nature of not being autistic"

please note that what i'm not saying is "people generally venting about their oppressors is bad", do not put that shit on me. what i'm saying is that picking out specific allistic behaviours and saying "these things aren't aligned with the values i have and share with the people like me, and therefore they're objectively bad" doesn't help anybody

the problem is not and has never been "there are two groups of people who are Different From Each Other", it's "allistic people assume everyone is like them and are unwilling or unable to compromise and adjust expectations". when autistic people are labeled as rude or weird it's emblematic of the issue but doing it back just fundamentally misrepresents what the issue is

STOP! You are being prosecuted by the mastodon police for theft of clout

nearly 50% of people are women. I think that says a lot about how far we’ve come as a society.

i once saw a cube get drafted on twitch that was fun and silly

like someone drafted [[Lore Seeker]] and the person who designed the cube revealed a pack that had been hidden in the room ahead of time filled with powerful planeswalkers

there was a [[Storm Crow]] going around with a $5 bill in the sleeve to incentivize you to take it

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it's the last game of the season sadly. there's another league with different rules that started monday but i didn't realize it already started, i was thinking about signing up and didn't

i still can if there's a team that would have me

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it would be so sick to just say "hey any one want to draft in a unique environment that's been tested and adjusted to be fun, and also it's free"

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i would love to build an mtg cube but like. idk how to Design it or anything

i used to keep a cup of water on the windowsill next to my plant, so on sundays i could just water the plant from the cup right there, and the cat lies down there a lot. and i've always been a little afraid of him knocking down the water onto all my stuff but i was like "if he was going to he would have by now"

yesterday he knocked down the cup when it happened to be empty so now i know to keep it somewhere else

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