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It brings me so much joy that Holly's cats are named Ham and Burger

it's just so good

glaceons 🀝 vampires

usually cold to the touch

I'm not like other girls. I try to understand the world around me by making connections between new experiences and concepts I'm already familiar with.

well i'll be honest i don't really understand but i fell down this hill and i've got glue on my hands

a little birdie told me you consider yourself a fan of the gen iii water starter

making myself laugh at "women are queer-coded", that's how you know it's late

Never mind in the harsh light of day this is still funny to me

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It turns out that if you pretend to be a certain gender enough it makes you that gender in real life, also what's the difference between cause and effect that's, always been confusing to me

"I'm not saying that I want to be a girl, just that if I was a girl that would be fine, like if it were up to me I'd choose to be a girl, because I want to be a girl. That's it."


this website ruined me for that second last guess

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