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Really cool, I hope they do something like that in the future

Start and Fire are both already halves of existing split cards

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"We challenged ourselves to reconstruct all the levels, maps, and songs in Super Mario World (1994) based purely on what we could remember. The result is thoroughly unsettling. Please enjoy this testament to the fallibility of human memory."

Streamer was going through the top posts of all time in /r/subway and i fucking died at this one

this is a funny clip and if i get one word about google home being bad for privacy in my mentions i'm blocking instantly just enjoy the funny clip

Watching a cracking the cryptic video for the first time in a while and good news, Simon has discovered an even worse way to describe SET theory

reblog if you are NOT interested in the t-mobile holiday deals. hopefully they will see this

how come one can shit one's self, but can't shit another

Sometimes you see a post and you can't even read it. That's just life

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