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lmao remember when gamers threw a shitfit because skullgirls Shows You An Icon if your opponent was on wifi

the assignment is due today but this course has 10 free late days we can spend on assignments however we like and i haven't used any yet, and my brain isn't in good mode today

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i didn't design two websites today like i was supposed to but i DID design ALMOST ONE so that's pretty good

this has been done before I'm sure 

when holly posts it's actually macroblogging

realized i missed something so i redid it even though it was slower than just adding it, so i could show off how it's even cooler

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"two one-page sites, one with bootstrap and one without, that use responsive design to work on phones differently"

no problem

"also make up a company blurb for a new email service" uuuuugh

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the website design is the easy part but i also have to fill them with fake content

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sweat pouring out of my skin, veins popping, using all my mental energy to not send unsolicited "that's sort of like in blaseball" replies

"why do i feel so tired and shitty" (kicks away box i ate a whole pizza out of earlier)

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