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alys has never even said what SHE wants

all i hear is jaina saying "no holly you misunderstood" and sarina saying "good, she shouldn't be"

isn't there someone you forgot to ask

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thinking about that one tumblr post about a youtube channel they wanted to make

it would be an educational channel about botany but in-character as someone from a future where humanity is at war with plants, so they went back in time to try to help us know our enemy better for when the time comes


it's MY [midnight] and I get to choose the [peanut butter sandwich]

Siddharth when prompted for a 4 letter word for "part of a cat that isn't fluffy":

"kitties :O"


Four letter word for "Jacob's twin"

"thank you for saving my life" "I'm literally The Binding of Isaac: Repentance"

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One nice thing (there are others) about when omni is fronting is that their posts are like


I'm probably just going to wait until I figure out one of the intersecting words

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Four letters for "not-so-fluffy part of a cat"

I have a cat here and the whole dang thing is fluffy

:bing: what to do when you're hungry but you're downstairs and the food is upstairs

i keep almost posting things on here that i know people would agree with but then i stop because i remember that i really don't want to read other people talking about it lmao

Gorgeous Eevee girl for DsixZey! She's so dang cute!! ❀❀

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of course people are immediately bitching like "you can't use the mic on the headphones" (when you turn on the microphone on bluetooth headphones it can't use high quality audio anymore, this is a bluetooth limitation) and "you can't use as many controllers when you have bluetooth headphones connected" (also a bluetooth limitation, it can only send so much data, also why the hell are you trying to play 4 player games with headphones on) and "took you long enough to support a feature the ps5 and xbox already have" (literally false)

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