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i'm not saying that if you don't have side effects, the vaccine isn't working

i am saying that if you do have side effects, that's it working

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something i think is funny is that, in a sense, vaccines don't have side effects. the whole point is to get your immune system fired up over nothing, if your immune system is overreacting that's exactly what you want

very much an "electric heaters do nothing, but inefficiently" kind of thinking

when i was younger and learning martial arts for a little while my dad used to randomly grab me and put me into holds that i theoretically knew how to get out of, but i wouldn't ready for it so i'd forget what to do

he stopped when i learned that a swift blow to the testicles is something of a universal solution

i wasn't planning to have a nap on my lunch break but now that i have i feel fuckin refreshed and ready to get back to work, A+

youtube started crashing my browser again today but i turned off about half my extensions (the ones i never use) and it stopped

if i cared i could go through and see if i could figure out which one is causing the problem but i never use any of them so i didn't

not a joke, i open a new tab, type "", press enter, and the browser is just gone

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just wrote

functools.reduce(operator.add, my_list)

this is silly because 99% of the time, you can just write this instead


i actually can't use that, in my case, so i felt clever...


...until i realized what i needed was

sum(my_list, [])
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