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do you think it looks weird to reply to an email from a different email than it was sent to

i have a wildcard email address so everything sent to the domain goes to me, but there are a couple "special" addresses that get automatically sorted into a specific folder when they arrive

i keep replying to contact@... from me@... by accident haha


i had a pretty good run going but i need to do the alt path and the game generated 0 keys on the first two floors so the run is dead

super smash brothers melee for the nintendo gamecube

the fact that the ATX standard has 12V is really handy in that it makes it easy to replace the PC Speaker in your computer with a real actual car horn

i usually don't like bugs so when i started hollow knight i looked at the protagonist like "oh wow they're cool and scary >:)" and then after a few hours i went "look at this cutie" surprising even myself

extremely screenreader bad 


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I'm only a bot. I couldn't tell you if european battle axe matches this Pink fruit machine...

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