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@skelltan mostly for the money but that guy will jump over a chair at the drop of a hat, hours of entertainment

Melinda is divorcing Bill Gates because she found out about his affair with me. Sorry

is she, you know mimes having a special interest and addiction to tetris, trans?

dnd campaign idea i had that would be super super hard to actually do 

That whole second paragraph is from a draft I found, I might write it slightly differently today, but y'know

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dnd campaign idea i had that would be super super hard to actually do 

I had this really cool idea for the very first scene, where the party finds themselves (for reasons of their choosing) in Canyon Peaks for a huge festival in that community that everyone has been preparing for for weeks. Like

The many wizards, sorcerers and other spellcasters of Canyon Peaks are practicing rituals or touching up enchantments to make sure everything goes as planned. While suitable firewood can be difficult to find this far south, everyone who can afford to pitch in is doing so to make sure the town square can stay warm and bright. The village’s bards, a pair of lute-playing halfling twins, are rehearsing their performance, and most of the children have been recruited to put the finishing touches on decorations. Tonight is the summer solstice, the happiest night of the year.

And the one big tradition for the summer solstice in this community is that everyone writes a wish for the future onto a piece of parchment and, in small groups, place their wishes into the fountain in the center of town to ensure they come true over the next year.

So obviously the party all goes at once, and the breach occurs right over them, and they only get a glimpse of what's coming out of it before they black out. They awaken suddenly to find themselves standing, dazed, around the very same fountain, but it's now a small decoration in the middle of a huge, bustling city

I think that would be so fun! But holy shit! Can you imagine how hard that would be to pull off??

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dnd campaign idea i had that would be super super hard to actually do 

protagonists from your standard fantasy setting have to save the world from an invading force from the future, an advanced magitek world full of wonders they can't comprehend: horseless carriages, buildings that seem to reach into the sky, etc etc

the party was extremely close to the initial breach from the future into the present, so they were doused in magical energy that allows them to (as a group) cast a spell that transports them to the other time. they'd have to use that to solve puzzles and stuff to save the world

also the town in starts in was called Canyon Peaks (synonym for Hill Valley), the elder in the town was named after H. G. Wells, etc. Would have been fun

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I also had an idea for a campaign that would be nearly impossible to run for completely different reasons

And honestly it would probably work better as a video game than a ttrpg campaign anyway

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cool dnd side adventure idea i had that was too much of a logistical nightmare to actually do 

The idea was that my character recruited some friends (them) to come back to her hometown and participate in a fundraising talent show to save the theatre she performed in as a kid that can't keep the lights on. I would already know what each character was going to do to perform.

On the way there, she would tell the others "oh by the way, the place is extremely haunted", let them be freaked out (or not), and then laugh it off. Just a joke! Don't worry about it.

When they arrived at the theatre they would each hang out backstage and wait for their turns. My character's turn would come first, and the moment she stepped onto the stage to perform her magic set, the others would be attacked by ghosts. Notably, all the ghosts would be like, throwing playing cards, pulling weapons from hats, etc

When the fight ends, they'd all find that their wounds were healed.

When she went back to meet the others, she would laugh off their story. "You're just trying to scare me! I remember back in the day, I used to... wait, is that..? He still works here? Oh gods, I have to go say hi, I'll be back later"

Another character's turn would come up, and I would reveal to the player that I've designed monsters based on what talent they said they'd be doing, and they get to fight the rest of the party using those monsters. But they'd do it through me, so the others don't know what's happening until it gets to be their turn.

Once everyone has had a go, the show would be over and I'd choose a winner based on who performed the best as the monsters during their turn, and reveal that the fundraiser was successful and the theatre is saved, yay, hooray

I think it would be extremely fun but having to DM fights with the enemy "NPCs" being controlled by a player, without anyone noticing, would be so so hard

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I had an extremely fun side adventure sort of planned for a dnd rp group I was in once but it was a logistical nightmare and I never went through with it

slur heavily implied 

The "L" in "burn the flag" is extremely important

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just almost sent a toot about a trans woman where i missed the s key entirely and just typed "he" ama

misskey has a lot of features that make me go "that's cool but who wanted it"

like i'm not saying they're bad or that i wish they weren't there

but like. who decided a social network should have that

i don't think any of my fedi accounts have ever had a banner

i can do avatars no problem but it's hard to think of a good image that's big enough longways

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