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one time i read "it seems like cheating that IK is computationally easy" and it's so wild to me that i still don't believe it

still can't believe the jackbox people never got back to me about how one of the trivia questions in you don't know jack is wrong

making a nail polish joke like "internet, please bring me the names of countries near poland"

the datacenter my instance is on is still having problems, so i'll go ahead and post this here: fennec holly :3

@monorail @Manurweibling being dead in theros is exactly literally the same as moving to florida

i meant "for a while"

you're not getting rid of me that easily

anyway back to trying to ignore tusky notifications

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if all i'm going to do online is be hurt by things that nobody else cares about at all and hurt people in ways that are completely opaque to me maybe i should just log the fuck off

yeah subtooting isn't the issue but when someone posts an opinion that ultimately doesn't fucking matter like "here's one of the ways i choose a word to use when i'm talking about video games" and you post "just saw a take so bad i threw up" maybe you could have predicted that it was going to hurt their feelings

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