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i love it when a tv has "game mode" because it means that every other mode is "make the picture look like shit" mode

the good thing about valve releasing follow ups to half life 2 as episodic content rather than a full game at a time is that it means they can release it more frequently

remember when "little a [something] as a treat" was a joke about a cat website and not just part of normal vocabulary

(part of the meme that indicates something is bad) 38 time zones

(part of the meme that indicates something is good) four simultaneous days coexisting in a time cube

lmao there's a mario odyssey trick jump that lets you get to luncheon early

it's called "bruncheon"

just pegged a dvorak user in the wild based on their keysmashes, i'm more powerful than god

i often feel like we live in the timeline where the cartoon villain got the time machine and the protagonist hasn't fixed it yet

putting a sticker on my car that says "no baby on board, feel free to drive recklessly"

every once in a while when i talk about breeding pokemon or whatever, someone tells me "ah, yeah, i just play for fun"

you got me, i play competitive pokemon for the money, no fun in it at all :p

it's funny to me that at least two completely separate games advance RNG by two calls for each text character on screen every frame

both undertale and ttyd support randomly shaking the text characters, which it does by adjusting the X and Y positions by some value multiplied by an RNG call

and any text that doesn't shake? the value is just 0, it still makes the RNG call

try to spread out the votes equally on this poll. no strategy discussion allowed

i almost forgot to include the link, which would have made this the most baffling toot of all time

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have you ever thought "i wish i knew how the quicksort algorithm works but i'm only capable of learning concepts presented through hungarian folk dance"? i have good news

the earth is split into four quadrants

- hot day
- hot night
- cold day
- cold night

and that's my evidence for four simultaneous days in a single orbit of the earth around the sun, ignorance of the time cube is a curse among humanity

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