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i'm such a fucking drama queen lmao

like i can be telling a perfectly normal story but instead of actually saying the final thing that happens in the story i'll imply it by carefully reusing a line from the very beginning of the story that i'm expecting you to have forgotten

just be normal

The whole blocklist/allowlist federation thing is just making me think that it should be easier to defed, like I think it'd be cool if I could have in the ui for my admin account a "suspend instance" button directly on a post without having to report it to myself, the admin interface is annoying to access and annoying to use imo

has any rhythm heaven remix ever actually done the thing where it does just the call from a call and response game, cuts away to another game, then cuts back and makes you do the response

custom remixes do it all the time but i can't remember it ever happening in the actual series


EVERYTHING in here deserves more words about it. i could go on forever. but i'm on my phone and working mostly from memory

season 7 was an absolutely wild time to be a wings fan

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long, blaseball, trying to describe season 7 from the perspective of a wings fan 

like let's see

every season, we're disappointed. we know we're bad, but we're so close to being good. we just never win any blessings. (at this point we had earned one blessing but it only affected one player and wasn't really helping that much). wings just don't win blessings.

it's not just blessings. nothing has happened to the wings. we're the only team left with our original roster, and had been for a while. at this point, we had never even been hit by a weather event. NOTHING happens to the wings.

but we're used to it, we say "anything can happen at a wings game" and we move on. nothing happens to the wings.

the blessings go up and we decide we want hot sauce packet, for brand reasons. we start posting about how the wings should get hot sauce, whatever. we also notice Champs In The Making, a blessing that allows some team to steal 3 players from the winning team that season. we're too attached to our team, we don't want to change the roster. so we ignore it.

this is the season that we made a big fuss out of being placed into the mild league. we threatened to sue, and blaseball retaliated. we were renamed to the mild wings, which only made us push harder.

a weird thing happens. we're winning games. not too many, but just enough.

another weird thing happens this season. jaylen hotdogfingers is marking players for death by hitting them with pitches. we don't have to deal with that, we're not even in the same subleague as the garages. it doesn't matter to us.

...until, for the first time, the wings make the playoffs. it's exciting! we don't have a chance but hey, we made it! we have some eyes on the wings for once!

and we're still winning games! the wings of all teams, the "Unluckiest Team In Blaseball (And It's Not Even Close)", are winning games! we beat the breath mints!

......and we're against the garages in the semifinals

jaylen hotdogfingers hit five players. the highest number in a single game. the wings, who have never had a roster change, are staring down the barrel of five beloved players marked for death. and there's one solar eclipse in the forecast.

the commissioner tweets. "FEEDBACK DETECTED". we've earned our name back. honestly? i don't think the devs wanted anyone to have to die a mild wing.

in the top of the seventh, the wings had their first ever roster change. Miguel Wheeler was incinerated by a rogue empire.

the blaseball sim isn't perfect, but sometimes those imperfections tell a story. i don't know why the game let miggy hit a single after the incineration event. i do know that every wing watching that game could smell the burning rubber. he never gave up, not until the bitter end.

that was the only player we lost, and it hurt. but you have to keep going. if he didn't give up, no one else on the team was going to either

the victory against the garages was bittersweet. we didn't lose anyone else, but it was still unprecedented. and we came to a realization: we have to win this for miggy, but. there's still the Champs In The Making blessing. the winning team is losing three players.

but we couldn't stop. the wings took down the flowers and became the internet league champions. there was yelling and cheering but. people were scared, too. we had just had our first roster change, and now Champs In The Making was about to take three more players. we started pouring votes into it ourselves to try to keep the team together, people fluted to us to try to help the cause.

in the end, we had pushed for two blessings. how sauce and champs. we had 50% of the votes in both. two coin flips.

wings just don't win blessings.

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i'm still not actually over season 7. being a wings fan in season 7 was fucking indescribable

one time i got my friend to pin a tweet that said "if only my dad hadn't deleted my dead grandpa's facebook page, i would have 200 friends"

sometimes people on here post something and i go "huh. ok"

a "passive humidifier" is when you have a glass of water that you allow to evaporate

this teacher is learning why no one does live code writing demos

holy shit the teacher is going over extremely complicated C# stuff i barely understand and then goes "now how do we get user input? well it's very similar to Console.WriteLine(), but this time we're using Console.ReadLine()"


you are soft

(this is a subtoot of me)

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