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i already had a suspicion but it's extremely funny that it's now been confirmed that the first really iconic blaseball thing, one of the first things that sets the tone of the game for new players, is there because someone said "should i implement walk-off victories? ........i don't wanna"

sometimes i post about tetris and people go "there's strategy in tetris vs?" or "how do you get the t piece in there" or whatever

in game one my opponent sets up a DT cannon and side 4 wides me. don't blink

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80% of the screen doesn't fucking change the whole time, how does this happen

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love to encode a 70mb video so i can post it and discover that the encoded version is 90mb

i've decided to end all my posts with "the ladies know what i'm talking about"

god nothing worse than being about to top out, looking at your matrix, looking at your upcoming pieces, seeing a way to save yourself

and misdropping

cats like to be in any place that's at all "special". this goes beyond simply liking to be on top of things or laying in the sun: there was an internet trend a while ago where cat owners would make a circle out of tape on the floor, and then take pictures when their cat inevitably decided that it was time for them to sit inside of the circle. any patch of ground that looks different, a cat wants to be there

i cannot think of any other animal where evolution selected for "easily trapped"

tmbg has two songs about what the sun is made of, the first one is wrong and the second one is a prolonged correction of the first

unfortunately the second one is boring and the first one rules

the sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace, where hydrogen is built into helium at a temperature of millions of degrees

"Battery level too low. Unable to turn on flashlight."

well if i can't find the cable you're not getting charged so maybe try less backtalk?

advent of code 2020 day 5 

rank 337 for part 1 and rank 398 for part 2

and i had to debug some shit i really should have gotten on the first go, but i don't think it would have been enough

oh well

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advent of code 2020 day 5 

fuckin rip, not even close

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advent of code 2020 day 5 

going to try to do day 5 as fast as possible, maybe win points

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honestly i just don't get it

like it feels like bullshit that's outside of my control keeps happening to me but that doesn't explain why i do so poorly every single time

like in genuinely doesn't make sense to me. every single race i look back and go "there's not really anything i could have done" but then i lose 800vr in two days so that's obviously not the case


god there are certain tracks that, in mirror mode, my brain refuses to not only recognize but even to understand as a 3d space

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