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Extremely worried about this post having more boosts than the op but at least the image desc says it's fake

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when you think you're a teewee but you're really a cleveland z

Shoutout to that one tumblr joke about tetris that enough people thought was real that it was presented as fact on jeopardy

Alexey Pajitnov, inventor of tetris, only rotates his pieces one way

He plays t99 and has never won

This is so funny to me

i used to practice finesse in tetris but then i remembered i'm bad so i just wing it instead, finesse is not what i need to be working on lmao

heres the size of the joysticks in tetris giant

they didnt take any half measures in making this and it kicks ass

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@monorail as someone who went to a French Catholic school, you do NOT call god tu unless you're the priest

in french, you use "vous" as the second person pronoun for anyone you hold a lot of respect for. you use "tu" if you're just shooting the shit with your pals, or if you're talking to god

"honourifics based on respect don't make sense" said the speaker of a language where titles reveal marital status but only for women

an excerpt from my amazon review


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one time i wrote an amazon review suggesting the thing i bought was haunted but i still gave it 5 stars

No Music Day was promoted in SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil in 2008, although Drummond has stated that despite graffiti announcing the day, his efforts to apprehend buskers and to encourage music shops to close, he doubted that "there was even a fraction less music consumed in Brazil on the 21 November 2008 compared to any other day."

good! fuck you! fuckin "efforts to apprehend buskers" go to hell

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and that's the whole story of no music day? people did it to appease some asshole i've never heard of?

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