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Kermit the frog isn't real and idk why that's so hard for my brain to realise, like, "He talk"

Yes brain he does talk.

"He robot?"

No brain he's not a robot.

"... Alive!"


"Kermit the frog is people :)"

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@packbat did i tell you i saw you in the comments on Well There's Your Problem

i think it was the one about the hotel walkways

blaseball silly


pol but silly




Related: when I was learning to drive the instructor said "what does the yellow line protect you from?"

"traffic going the other way"

"wrong! it's only paint, it doesn't protect you from anything! stay alert!"

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Being robbed? Just say no! Without your permission, the robber can't legally take your property.

the thing that pisses me off the most in the universe is when someone on family feud gives a horrible answer and their whole family goes "good answer! good answer!"

jack box seven opinions


new update for mkwii that spits out the disk at you at 100mph every time it would otherwise make you play waluigi stadium

this is still considered an improvement

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