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one time i was writing a story and i realized that i didn't leave enough time for something to be likely to happen

so i just had it happen anyway and had a character say "oh i expected that to take longer"

life hack

don't ask me about hardware. i don't know anything about hardware. i'm a soft software girl

a mastodon instance for safely tooting about curious hates

Breaking News!

A :sparkles_nb: Plush Science Lemur :sparkles_nb: takes over :sparkles_nb: Plush City :sparkles_nb:

something that's fun to do online is find trans streamers and see if you can get them to say trans rights



The context here is that i basically exclusively wear pajama pants now that I never go anywhere

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it's only 12:02 and the 24 hour shoppers drug mart is only 12 minutes away

and i'm the one who finished the milk without realizing there wasn't any more for my parents to put in their coffee so i feel bad about that

and it means i could get a secret treat, for me

sigh, where are my real pants for adults

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people: ash is so uncreative and boring he just calls all of his pokemon by the kind of pokemon they are instead of giving them a name

me, a caracal who named himself caracal: [sweats nervously]

@InspectorCaracal i can't believe we've discovered your SECRET MODERATION STYLE:

deciding you don't like a thing and shoving it off the table

some people have fursonas that are like, fleshed out characters. sometimes they have a whole world that their fursonas live in and they write stories and stuff

it's valid but i don't understand it? and that's fine, it's not my job to understand it, i'm not going to judge anyone about it

but to me the appeal of having a fursona is that that's me! im glaceon

low but nonzero chance that i go to the 24-hour shoppers drug mart tonight for milk and dr pepper



You cannot directly see the Mastodon drama, you can only infer its existence by the shifting of toots surrounding it, much like how an object in space warps gravity with its mass.

programming beginner: just copypasting the same line over and over
programming expert: uses a loop
programming god: l o o p u n r o l l i n g

i still probably won't play it but it would be a net good for the world as a whole

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someone please invent a sokoban game where you can hold a button and tap a direction to move as far as possible in that direction before hitting any resistance, instantly

you can still count all the steps in the middle but don't make me wait for them

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