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it's 2019 and i just now found out that in the magic school bus there was an episode where they visit phoebe's old school and the sign outside says "Phoebe's Old School"

relatively long math shitpost




@monorail I feel like it'd be cheaper to buy just the cable



for my programming class we all had a raspberry pi for developing on, so that the prof could be sure we all had a reasonable environment and not have to debug random students' computers. i remoted into mine for pretty much everything, but i realized that for the test we were going to have to use it directly, with a monitor, keyboard and mouse all plugged into it. which meant that for the first time since i had moved into my dorm, i was going to need an hdmi cable

luckily, i had purchased a wii u, which comes with...

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shout out to the time i decided to buy a wii u and that directly contributed towards my success on a test that i had that semester

this program does appear to be working, but it saves after every step and there's no undo so it's a little bit of a pain

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found a program to install that's only moderately sketchy that i think will do this for me

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there are lots of tools for viewing it as a tree, all i want from there is to be able to click nodes and press delete

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it has come to my attention that all mtg creatures are pokΓ©mon

does anyone know of a way to edit an xml file as a tree, rather than as text

because i reaaaaally don't want to do this myself in notepad, i just want to delete everything on a certain level of the hierarchy except for a few that i need

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you know, no one ever talks about how in that one unraveled video about inventing a new genre of music for the fallout series, the song at the end is unironically very good

it makes so much sense that spanish lets you know at the beginning of a sentence how you're supposed to read it, as opposed to just at the end. wild that english doesn't do that

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