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oh? you're standing up? you're standing up instead staying hunched over on all fours?

"I have to stand up to give 8etter hugs"

the visit oregon commercial from a couple years ago literally makes me weep, its so beautiful, it is art, some fuckin animation students got to write a love letter to oregon

i saw a visit california commercial the other day and it had dax shepard


In Case Of Monorail
Look Directly At
🚝 Monorail 🚝 if anyone presents evidence against Edgeworth being aroace I will press them until they crumble and OBJECT BEFORE THE COURT TO REVEAL THEIR EVIDENCE HAS BEEN FALSIFIED THE WHOLE TIME

(If I want aroace Edgeworth evidence, I'd better check the Court Record.)

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Every day my aroace Edgeworth headcanon becomes harder to justify

shoutout to 3/4ths asleep me for writing sentences in roleplay that i can only look back at and wonder what the hell I was trying to write

i forgot how good this bit was until i remembered it today, it's extremely good

this song is called Voldemort and i had no idea why so i looked it up

it's about someone opening up about their mental illness and like. that's hard to do. it feels like something you shouldn't talk about. but not talking about it won't actually fix the problem

like voldemort

that's actually relatively good, i'll accept it

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current mood: pasting things into fedi but taking out all the capital letters so it looks like i typed them myself



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