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remember yesterday when i said abolish the read receipt and typing notification? well you should be able to see every word i type into the mastodon toot box in real time

i had a brainfart on who sum 41 were so i thought they were the sonic band

food/drink etc


where do you sleep when you're 13km tall: a problem i find myself having to solve weirdly often for someone who claims to be usually ~80'

i bet i would be the world's biggest glaceon even if glaceons were more common

i want to play doom some more but it's like. legitimately really bothering me that some of my codex entries aren't getting marked as read.

like earlier i tried to play it some more but i closed the game because i hated that it was telling me i hadn't read those ones


In Case Of Monorail
Look Directly At
🚝 Monorail 🚝

or, well, it needed me to be on node 10 or greater and 12 is stable

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