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i read somewhere that 8675309 is a twin prime and i choose to believe it's true without checking

weird how much stuff i learn about a religion i ostensibly used to be a part of from a podcast about veggietales

not really a subtoot but inspired by something i read on the tl


when i'm dynamaxed i'm just shorter than the CN Tower, my only relatively local "famously tall building"

i mean i'm taller if you count the ears but that feels like cheating

⁀⁀⁒⁒⁒⁒⁀⁣   ⁀ ⁣⁀⁣⁒⁒⁣⁀⁣⁀⁀⁀⁒⁑⁀ ⁀⁣⁣⁀  ⁀⁀⁒ ⁀⁑⁣⁀⁀⁣⁒⁀⁀⁣⁒ ⁑⁒⁀⁣⁀⁒⁑⁒⁀⁀ ⁀⁒⁀⁑⁀⁑⁒⁀⁑⁣⁣⁒⁣⁑⁀⁒⁒⁒⁀⁀⁑⁣⁀⁣⁒⁀⁣⁀⁣⁒⁀⁒⁒⁒⁀⁣⁀⁣⁒⁣⁀⁣⁒⁀⁣⁀⁣⁒⁀⁑⁀⁑⁀⁒⁣⁒⁀⁀⁀⁑ ⁑⁣⁣⁀⁀⁀ ⁒⁣⁣ ⁣⁀⁀ ⁣ 🚢

currently trying to figure out if the calculation i did makes any sense but i have basically zero sense of scale. when i see a big number and say "this is meters squared" i still don't actually have any idea how big that is

i hate the


structure but afaik it's the best way to let you break out of nested for loops in python

advent of code day 2 solutions


advent of code day 2 part 1


advent of code day 1 part 2


the thing with stuff like project euler or advent of code is that i'm never sure if a problem is too difficult for my naive algorithm to solve in a reasonable amount of time or if i have an infinite loop somewhere

advent of code day 1 part 1 solution


interesting pokemon swoosh fact, spoilers


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