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i guess this toot references drugs but it's in the context of super mario brothers so take that as you will


goose spoilers (like, very end of the game spoilers)


on #hahayeah sometimes they say something along the lines of "this has been consuming me all day, i can't get it off my mind" and i have no idea if it's part of the bit or if this is a reference to an earlier conversation they had

at first i thought it was the latter but recently i've been leaning towards the former

keep asking for clarification about this question on this assignment that we're supposed to do research for and being told "yeah just google for it, you should find stuff like [example], [example], don't worry"

so i google it and there's fuckin nothing and i ask again and he says "yeah don't worry about it, just use these search terms, you'll find when you're looking for"

finally after a few attempts at asking for clarification he said "here let me find some resources for you" and i'm currently watching him at his desk, the monitor is facing away from us but he is scowlign

idc if bots can appreciate likes, bots are good and deserve recognition

i started saying "okie" recently and i don't know where that came from

alc, vague transmisia ref




i'm so close to being able to say "the usual, thanks" at this tim horton's

they already know my drink order

If you’re struggling to think of what to get someone for Christmas. Get them a fridge and watch their face light up when they open it.

speaking of nintendo switch controllers, (food)


goose spoilers (like, very end of the game spoilers)


caps shitpost, goose adj


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caps shitpost, goose adj




luigi's mansion was created by big nintendo to sell more gamecubes

nobody's going to get it so don't stress yourself out too hard worrying about it

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about to use the constant "0.11257142857" for something. first person to guess what wins... i dunno i'll figure something out

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