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i hope the people who always start conversations with me don't think i'm just putting up with them, i'm just very introverted and don't often think to/know how to start a conversation, but i definitely appreciate when they do

technically a subtoot, sequel to the personal post from a day ago


whenever i try to think of a verb for "having a set of pronouns" (like "$PERSON uses they/them", but not "use" because that's ambiguous, it could also mean "when $PERSON says a pronoun for someone, she uses the correct one")

the one i always come up with is "i've been rocking she/her for over a year now"

@monorail the best thing is when you go to enter a new password and it says "your password cannot be the same as your previous password"

i feel like it's bad ux for login forms to not have a way to check what the requirements when setting a password are

like how many times do i go to reset my password, and when it says "your password must..." i remember my old password







@monorail i am not a man and i am a c-section. i have 4x effectiveness on the "macbeth" type

if you write instructions for computers but aren't paid for it, you're a grammer

long, very weird dream i had


:blobpensive: Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 1 in C
:blobconfused: Pachelbel's Canon in D
:blobwoah: Friedrich Wilhelm's Piano Sonata in Rust
:blobfearful: Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in JavaScript

i have two mastodon tabs open so i can be writing a very long post about a dream i had while also talking to my friends

the h in holly stands for kingdom of loathing,,,,, i know how i'm doing wrong then!
oh wait, does this mean elon musk is..... good

I've been queueing for Suspended Monorail 3 for ages.

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