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my dad's blood pressure monitor has two profiles on it so you can have two different people keep track of historical data or whatever

every time i use it i tell him "i put it back on player 1 for you" and he only noticed today

Omg my dad just texted me to remind me of something extremely important:

Today is Wotan's birthday! πŸŽ‰
He is 3 years old today!
And I think at this point, Wotan has earned some birthday boosts :Wotan_shocked: :wotan:

every once in a while i watch a gdq run and i get really excited and then someone on the couch reveals that they are going to say bad puns for the rest of the run, which is unfortunate because i was having a good time and now i have to turn it off

i call the currency in pokemon "pokΓ©" even though that's only canon in mystery dungeon because every other name for it sounds ridiculous

Juice can’t solve all the worlds problems but it can solve a lot of them

the dev in charge of the AHL app is sending out push notifications about the money he is owed for working on the app because his employer decided not to pay



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