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"morning babes" is a good thing to say if it's morning and you're talking to babes

i tried to draw another picture but i can't figure out what i did to make the last one turn out okay

currently listening to @ben explain to his spectating dad what's going on in gw2

it's incredible to think about how much the two of them must have talked and his dad still hasn't learned everything about gw2 by accident

i'll just act like i'm used to being able to l-cancel or something instead of taking responsibility for being bad

me, out of practice: "time to use my most punishable moves in the least safe scenarios"

me, out of practice: "time to pretend i didn't also do that when i played regularly"

alert, alert, the Retro Game Mechanics Explained guy says "compromise" as "com" and then the word "promise"

i think i might actually have not touched smash since t99 came out

you know what? i haven't played smash in ages. i'm gonna play smash

saying something offensive then deciding if ur joking or not based on the person’s reaction is a textbook definition of an option select

if you ever think "what if the admin is reading all my DMs to her users", don't fear, it turns out databases are very hard

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