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If hot buff women are a form of politics than thank fucking God I finally have a platform to support

guess who accidentally left OBS recording while at work and then also while asleep

anyone want to see a 24 hour video thatโ€™s almost entirely a still shot of my desktop

dirt: if you're a girl online, are you a girl in real life?

Goddess: yes my child :blobhalo:

dirt: and if you're an ass hole online, are you an ass hole in real life?

Goddess: yes my child :blobhalo:

dirt: then surely, if you're popular online, you are popular in real life :blobaww:

Goddess: ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

when making a computer, it is important to remember not to use string instead of wires. wires are the most important part of a computer, and a string is not a wire

i love all pokemon....every single pokemon is good.....

me on the federated timeline: โ€œoh this post is terrible, iโ€™m switching back to the home timelineโ€

me on the home timeline: โ€œoh, i follow them, i get to read it againโ€

before reading this post remember that opinions canโ€™t be objectively right or wrong

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taxes r important!!! how r we supposed 2 build a new bridge or a new well or a new comedy club if u nerds dont giv us ur bells!!!!!! >:( :transknife:


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good news and bad news

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what's the world record for most wolves on one shirt

what the fuck is this terrible Once in a Lifetime cover entering my earholes

there are two wolves inside you. can you help them get portal 2 set up so they can do the co-op campaign together. one of the wolves has never played portal before so this should be really fun

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